Outfit of the Week featuring Sophie Delhey


Megan Lewis, Staff Writer

This week we have freshman Sophie Delhey rocking an aesthetically pleasing minimalistic outfit, perfect for the beginning of the fall season! Her grey Lululemon leggings are the simple medium between comfort and style, which tie in with her white Free People, waffle knit shirt.

Sophie’s white Nike Air Force 1’s have been an ongoing fashion trend this year and wrap the entire look together to keep her color coordinated look.

How do she use fashion to express herself?

Sophie uses fashion to show her personality by piecing together articles based on how she feels, giving her the freedom to express herself through her fashion choices.

What are her favorite fashion trends lately?

The fashion trend Sophie loves is the essential, less-is-more look.

Where do you get your outfit inspiration from?

Sophie loves to get her outfit inspiration from model Kendall Jenner to keep updated, stylish looks.

Stay Stylish, LFHS!