Prom 2019: A Quote Story


Tatum Litzsinger, Staff Writer

This year’s prom took on the theme Fly Me to the Moon with lots of new additions. The dance was held in Wheeling, making it a quick bus ride to the location, which had decorations and lots of options for food. There were late night snacks and three different meal options. Besides a bus running out of gas, the usual hectic bus situation was solved with all busses leaving at once.

Here is what the students had to say about the dance:

The People

“I just sat in the corner when I was crowned royalty, and Casey was prom dictator.” -AJ Shaw

“That camera man was tearing it up. It’s true. He was going hard.” -Megan Grumhaus

“I had a field hockey tournament on Saturday at Northwestern. Our first game was bright and early at 6:30 a.m.! In the fourth game a girl on IFHCK (team from Kentucky) went to take a reverse shot in the circle. I ran in and tried to jab the ball away. The girl first stopped her swing and then re-swung— hitting my eye and leaving me with a large bleeding cut on my left eyebrow. It bled a lot, and it was clear that I would need stitches. I got it stitched right up, 16 to be exact, just hours before my debut on the prom red carpet.” -Sarah Considine

“I got to dance with Casey Murray, and he’s like my favorite person. Overall, a great night.” -Sophie Michael

The Bus Ride

“Our bus broke down. It just started stopping and rolling. We made to the Lake Forest train station but then our bus just stopped completely. We waited for a while in the hot bus and then had to get on other smaller buses. We then got split up by table and hopped into a little blue van driven by Mr. Lesniak.” -Ashley Alghini

“I think it’s safe to say I peaked at prom. We also got on our other bus after our first broke down and Officer Grum said, ‘I’ve never driven a bus before. I hope it goes well!’” -Katie Hubbard

“The bus we were on had this bathroom and toilet that was not a hole in the ground but it had something covering it. I g in there to use the restroom, and I’m like how am I supposed to use the bathroom with this thing in the way?” -AJ Shaw

The Music

“I didn’t like the band trying to sing well-known songs. The band breaks were the best part. I think a DJ would be better for next year.” -Eleanor VanAntwerp

“I appreciate the band, but I feel like a DJ would be more fun. Everyone was most excited and dancing the most during the band breaks. And the band is expensive anyways.” -Priscilla Levy

“10/10 for the tofu. 100/10 for the live band.” -Olivia Elsasser

“My only defense mechanism against being stepped on while at the dance floor was using my own heels.” -Caroline Kissel

The Food

“My entire table thought I was vegan because I didn’t want to get sick from the beef and then people at my table got sick from the beef so it was karma basically. And they were talking smack for me being vegan for the night. But then I also got sick from the tofu.” -Jacqueline Schlosser

I also think people make themselves sick from the beef and are just being over dramatic. I! And the food was fine because my expectations were very very very low.” -Lucy Surkamer

“Ava Manelis requested Moves Like Jagger. I loved the DJ’s signature move for 24k Magic.” -Ben Reinkemeyer