Litsa Kapsalis is JSA’s 2019-2020 Midwest Governor!

Litsa Kapsalis is JSA’s 2019-2020 Midwest Governor!

Kenleigh Theis

After months of campaigning, creating her platform, and debating, Litsa Kapsalis walked confidently into the Hyatt Regency in Schaumburg on April 13 for the two day conference.

Litsa knew that she was in for a full two days. Over the course of this conference, the JSA members debated and resolved a number of issues. They played games, held mock trials, and much more. However, most importantly, they presented and listened to running candidate’s aspirations during the Candidate Forum. During this time, Litsa had the opportunity to present her goals to the attending JSA members one last time before the votes were cast. There were opportunities for questions, as well as debate.

The next day, all JSAers were required to be in attendance and on time for Declaration and Voting at 9:15 AM. By 1:00PM, the votes were cast and counted revealing which candidate for Governor was victorious.

On her instagram, @litsaforgov, commented, “Midwest, thank you. I’m so honored to have earned your trust. I am incredibly excited to be serving as your governor for the 2019-2020 school year, alongside @claireyux1 ! Here’s to another year of civic engagement and a heart melting community. Special thanks to @annforltg and @patriciaforltg for their immense contribution to our state and to the campaign season. Let’s grow together, @midwestjsa !”

The comments section consisted of many excited and proud LFHS community members. The work that Litsa put into her campaign is truly amazing. After following her campaign journey, I can say without a doubt that there is no one more deserving than her. As she continues her journey in the political arena, The Forest Scout wishes her the best of luck.

For more information about Litsa’s platform, goals, and journey to becoming JSA’s Midwest Governor 2019-2020, check out my previous article!

Litsa Kapsalis for JSA Midwest Governor