Litsa Kapsalis for JSA Midwest Governor


Kenleigh Theis

I had the honor of meeting Litsa Kapsalis this fall in my AP Government and Politics class. Upon meeting her, I quickly learned that she has a passion for debate and political discussion. Litsa is an active member of the LFHS Debate and Model United Nations club. With these platforms and her ambition, Litsa has fearlessly plunged herself into the political world.

Litsa clearly has the intellect and drive to accomplish her far reaching goals. However, she also has a vast array of experiences that make her impressively competent for the job. Litsa has served as the LFHS Chapter President for the past two years. Last year, Litsa was chosen to be a Debate Agent for Midwest Cabinet, while additionally serving as a FEC Agent for the 2018 Midwest Election. Additionally, she is serving as the National Director of Debate for the JSA organization.

Through these experiences, Litsa has organized OlympiCON 2018 and HistoriCON 2019. She guides State Bill Directors, writes National Debate Resolutions, Thought Talks, Governor’s Gavel and National Debates of the Month, runs Webinars, facilitates debate, and much more. This girl really has it all.

These experiences have motivated Litsa to run for JSA Junior Midwest Governor.

So, what is JSA exactly? What is Litsa running for?

JSA is a national organization. Litsa will be running for the Midwest State of the Junior State of America which encompasses the states of Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri. The Midwest JSA chapters/ cabinets frequently convene to discuss and debate pressing political issues, affect change in communities, and build professional networks and friends. All the elected representatives through JSA have a common goal: to strengthen American democracy by educating high school students to be participating and responsible members of our democratic society.

If elected to office, Litsa plans to initiate a number of policies. Litsa wants to foster more “cross chapter” interaction. To do this, Litsa has placed a high emphasis on partnership, promotion, and connections. If elected, Litsa plans to begin a “Chapter Partner” initiative in which convention attending chapters will be paired up (in a similar way to the JSA “New Faces” initiative) and encouraged to socialize and convene. Litsa additionally wants to grow the social media presence of Midwest JSA, and further connect chapters through social media and Google Meets.

Continuing on with her passion for debate, Litsa wants to promote more resolution input and feedback and a stronger fact check hotline. She believes that if delegates can provide feedback to the Debate Department, debate topics they are interested in will be brought to the floor. Further, delegates will be able to discuss topics they find exciting, which will in turn foster a better environment for the junior governors. Additionally, at Fall State and Spring State, Litsa wants to prioritize fact checking during debates. To achieve final verdicts that are correct, fact checking is extremely important.

Finally, Litsa believes in the importance of building strong community ties. She wants all JSA members to focus on local politics by engaging in their local city hall meetings. Additionally, as she campaigns and if she is elected, she plans to work closely with the Midwest Publicity and Activism departments to gain Chapter and State activity presence in local papers.

Her main end goal, however, is to inspire students across the country. She wants to “permanently further debate across the country and leave behind a legacy that my successor can improve upon. This is the same mentality with which I would enter the position of Midwest Governor.”

If this article has shown anything, it is that Litsa Kapsalis is an extremely driven, competent, and ambitious student. She is willing and able to represent the Midwest on her journey to becoming JSA’s Midwest Governor. For more updates about Litsa as she reaches her goals, continue to check The Forest Scout!

If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions about her platform Litsa can be reached through her Interactive Blog page: [email protected], Facebook Messenger, or email: [email protected]!