Senior Tommy Henry’s Stand-Up


John Torosian

This year’s sold-out Talent Show featured unconventional acts like yo-yoing, a rap freestyle, and an a cappella group, but possibly one of the most exciting and engaging acts was Tommy Henry’s stand-up comedy.

Henry has always been regarded as a particularly funny kid, but after years of entertaining friends, family and classmates, last year he finally decided to take his comedy to the next level. Henry’s “flat Earth” satire speech at a debate convention in Wisconsin was both entertaining for the audience and an internet sensation (the Youtube video gathered over 37,000 views).

One year following his successful debate, he was encouraged by Emcees George Schoettle, Andrew Rempala and Elijah Fietsam to try out for the Talent Show. As a senior who had never even considered the Talent Show, Henry was reluctant at first.

“I’ve always wanted to try [stand-up],” said Henry. “I woke up the day of the audition and said, ‘Alright, it’s senior year, let’s give this a shot.’”

It was Henry’s unique style that landed him a spot in this year’s Talent Show; in an interview with LFHS New Media, Henry described his comedy persona as “a little exaggerated version” of himself. Although he claims to be influenced by a variety of different comedians, Netflix specials, Saturday Night Live, and his father in particular gave him inspiration for his act.

“Me and my dad always joke around, like, all the time. It’s almost like two brothers, but… he’s my dad,” said Henry.

Brainstorming his performance was not an easy undertaking, though. Henry wrote countless jokes for about a week and, as tryouts approached, chose his favorite two. While the subjects he picked were completely different from one another, annoying bikers and airport problems were decidedly easy for an audience to relate to. Henry was able to mix his own experiences with satirical impersonations in these two topics, and the combination proved hilarious.

Henry isn’t sure whether he will be doing formal stand-up again anytime soon, but if the right opportunity presents itself, he “thinks he will.” In the meantime, though, he’ll be taking on the role of varsity Lacrosse Captain for the Scouts.