Talent Show 2019: New Media Videos


Rafa Swerdlin of J.O.E.

Katie Pierce, Editor-in-Chief

Many organizations have contributed their time and talents to this year’s talent show.  Just one of these groups is the New Media department, which has spent the semester working on promotional preview videos for the individual talent show acts.

“It’s been a great collaboration with Mr. Holmer and the Talent Show leadership as our goal was to introduce the tremendous diversity of student voices in this year’s show,” said New Media teacher Mr. Steve Douglass.  “We started at the beginning of the semester with both Advanced students and 1st semester students as a way to jump into the video production process.”

The process of making these videos was well planned and comprehensive.

“As with all New Media videos it’s a creative collaborative process from Ideation through a series of critiques,” Douglass said.  “I gave each advanced student, beyond their first semester, an opportunity to pick their top three act preferences. Once matched up they worked with the artists in each group to tell their story in multiple ways.”

The organization even went the extra mile to cover multiple social media platforms with its content.

“The first was a short introduction for our student audience primarily through Instagram,” said Douglass.  “Knowing most students are connected there, we wanted to let everyone know who was performing this year and why. Then we built a two minute video for the school community through Facebook. This was a deeper dive on a unique aspect that brought the group together or how they do what they do. Then we cut a quick 5-15 second intro for the live production of the show.”

New Media isn’t stopping there.  The group is also bringing its camera talent to the live shows this weekend.

“We are doing a 4 camera live production of the show each night, that will be projected for the audience but also recorded and shared out after the show,” Douglass said.  “The final piece will be a compilation for each act as a memory as well as context around what it means to be part of LFHS Talent Show.”

This new collaboration has been positive for the organization.  “It’s been a lot of fun seeing how everyone has engaged this process,” said Douglass.  “In New Media we are always trying new projects like this, but this one has worked so well because of the great collaboration throughout the process.”


Scroll to check out the Facebook promotional videos (in order by act), created by New Media in anticipation of the Talent Show.



The Swing Sonatas


“I know multiple people encouraged [Lucas] to take his passions people are familiar with on Soundcloud to perform for the school community,” Douglass commented.  “Helping share that story, alongside his friends in New Media, has been so much fun for everyone involved. Lucas has learned how to edit, tailor his responses to what works best to communicate his process and how the hundreds of decisions in editing can make people laugh and/or learn.”

Callan & Lucy


No Name

Jazz Band

Let Me Be Your Star

Piece Me Together

LFHS Dance Team

Tommy Henry

Low Key Treble

Kate Stephenson

Allen Chiu and The Yo-Yo Crew