Vivian Ivonne: Junior creates own fashion line


Margaux Miller, Sports Editor

Denim skirts are a staple in every girl’s wardrobe. However, finding the perfect one is where the true challenge lies- fit, color, length, and style are up for debate and the prices fluctuate heavily wherever you attempt to buy. Junior Vivian Pompov, however, has a solution.

Using thrift store or donated jeans Vivian Pompov has made a name for herself in the Lake Forest fashion community. Her skirts are hand sewn and custom made by Vivian herself.

Pompov’s fashion is inspired by her father.

“I was shopping with my dad around my freshman year and we saw a denim skirt that was over $180. My dad told me I could make a skirt just like that one, so I did,” she said.

Using her father’s favorite Armani jeans, she created her first ever skirt. She coined her brand name “Vivian Ivonne”, a combination of her first and middle name, shortly after this. Inspired by Italy, her own personal style, and traveling, she has created custom skirts for just about everybody – regardless of location, body type, and personal style.

All of her pieces are sustainable, purchasing from thrift shops and using extra materials for patchwork and semstry. Her brand is reviving the old, giving it a more classic, timeless, and “vivian” touch.

Junior Bridget Mitchell has modeled for Pompov. She described the fashion designer as “ passionate and driven” and “very self made.” She described her fashion as “current, with a boho twist.”

Ignoring typical fashion trends, she designs what she thinks will last forever.

“I am more of a timeless artist, all of the clothes I wear I have owned for years,” she said. “I go for effortless and simple”.

The designer is active on Instagram (@vivann.ivonne), racking up over 560 followers from all over the Illinois area and even some out of state. She makes more than just skirts, she features tops, pants, and jewelry, all still costum made.

Pompov has high aspirations for the future, hoping to go to art school and major in fashion design and marketing.