Not too late to find the perfect Homecoming dress


Katherine Stovold

Homecoming. It’s the first dance of the year and for freshmen, it’s their first high school dance. That can be a pretty daunting notion for the freshmen, especially for the girls. Many struggle with the idea of finding a dress. THE perfect dress for a perfect first high school dance. Where does one get a dress for a high school dance? What do girls normally wear? What’s the style? Where do I start when looking for a dress? All very prominent questions that not only freshmen, but upperclassmen have as well, since styles and trends are always changing.

The most important thing to remember is to get something that you feel comfortable in, no matter what anyone else thinks. Embrace your unique style! That being said, we asked girls in the school who have attended many high school dances in the previous years and made a list of the “go-to” places to look for Hoco dresses, both online and in-store:

Happy dress hunting!