Taco Tuesday: Milwalky Taco


Clare Lawler

The Basics

Location: 605 North Milwaukee Avenue, Libertyville, Illinois

Price: $3-$4

Don’t miss: The pescado taco

Milwalky Taco is a taco joint in the heart of downtown Libertyville. Locals rave about the place, citing the urban feel, which is more reminiscent of Lincoln Park, as a specific source of attraction.

When I walked into the restaurant, I was greeted by trendy neon lighting and a bustling cocktail bar with many TV’s to watch the latest sports game on. In the back of the restaurant, there is an outdoor patio with charmingly strung lights hanging above. The patio looks out onto a lovely little alleyway. In the alleyway, there are vines crawling up the tarnished brick wall, adding to the character of the entire patio.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is constantly very crowded and loud, which is one of the aspects I enjoyed, though some may see it as a downfall. I enjoyed the crowd as I felt it added to the vibe. The ambiance of this popular taco spot is upbeat and happening, with many delightful features such as the modern decor.

I found the food to be very affordable, with tacos priced at approximately $4 each. The norm is to order two to three tacos (I ordered two), leaving my total cost at merely $8. If you were to choose to get appetizers, they are between $5 to $8 and look delicious.

While the menu overall is beautifully simple, there is a shocking variety of taco options, including several to suit vegetarians. My tacos came out all together on a tray and were quickly devoured. I got the pescado taco (beer battered fish) and the papas con rajas (yukon gold potatoes). Other options range from crispy pork belly to braised cactus paddles and each is accompanied by creative toppings.

The service of Milwalky Taco was good but nothing to rave about. Our waitress was clearly overworked in such a crowded restaurant so at times I felt ignored, but I got my food in a timely matter so I have no complaints.

Overall, Milwalky Taco is a very affordable (and delicious) restaurant choice that brings some city to the suburbs. Milwalky Taco is a outstanding taco spot in that every Scout should try one taco tuesday.