Student Council Elections 2018-19


Sophia Bienkowski

Student Body President

Eddie Scheidler

A talented football and intramural basketball player, honor student and accomplished writer for the Forest Scout, Scheidler is comfortable in almost every setting. He is an avid lover of 80s rock and a former class president.

Kylie Prieto

A hard-working member of the Lake Forest varsity Poms team, Prieto values school spirit and student involvement. She has been a member of Student Council since Freshman year, a Link Crew Leader, and dance team captain her Sophomore year.

JD O’Keane (winner)

JD O’Keane has been very interested in LFHS. Serving as a TA, peer tutor, link crew commissioner, Student Council officer, hockey and football player. JD is engaged and always approachable.


Student Body VP

Ella White (unopposed winner)

White is involved in many in and out of school activities including Student Council, Lunch Scouts, Soccer, Tennis, Peer Tutoring, CROYA, and Beacon Place. She values school spirit and plans on making the school a better place.


Student Body Secretary



Senior President

Claire Mahoney (winner)

Working as Junior Student Council Vice President this past year, Mahoney is accustomed to the stresses and hard work the job requires. Always smiling, Mahoney is engaged with everyone she meets and represents the high school through Varsity Volleyball.

Lindsey Folker

A three year field hockey player, talented singer and actor, and dedicated honor student Folker understands and is ready to take on the important job of Senior President.


Senior VP

Julia Kuetemeyer (unopposed winner)

A dedicated student athlete, Julia Kuetemeyer plays both varsity Field Hockey and Lacrosse. This past year Kuetemeyer helped organize Junior Prom as Secretary for the Junior Class.


Senior Secretary



Junior President

Sarah Bires (unopposed winner)

Sarah Bires is an Executive Board member of Women’s Club, honor student and skilled soccer athlete, as well as talented singer in Bel Cantos. She is involved and hoping to be a great leader as Junior President.


Junior VP

Haley Banta (winner unopposed)

Banta’s activities include Field Hockey, Enviro Club, Latin Club, First Presbyterian Youth Group and Student Council Sophomore VP this past year.


Junior Secretary

Bridget Mitchell (unopposed winner)

Serving on the Sophomore Student Council board this past year, Mitchell had a lot of fun helping make Lake Forest a better place. Her busy life includes being a Women’s Club executive member, and accomplished soccer player outside of school.


Sophomore President

Ben Andreesen (winner)

Running for Sophomore President, Andreesen is a people person and student athlete.

Grace Blendonohy

Blendonohy runs track in the spring and is super involved in LFHS activities.

Kerrigan Weston

Weston is running for Sophomore President and is an avid lover of memes.


Sophomore VP

Morgan Bielski (winner)

Sociable and compassionate, Morgan Bielski…. Captain of her field hockey team, Bielski has already experienced the job of a leader and thrived in the position.

Lucy Rubinstein

Rubinstein is a spirited and talented Freshman hoping to represent her class as Sophomore VP.

Reagan Long

If elected, Long plans on implementing a Smoothie Bar and bring Orphans of the Storm to LFHS in the following year. A strong field hockey player and student…


Sophomore Secretary

Avery Ellis ( unopposed winner)

Running unopposed, Ellis will ensure positive change in the high school in the year to come.