16 Under 16: Part 4


Kyle Wix

There are, as we know, many talented people who attend Lake Forest High School. Often, however, it is the upperclassmen–the student-athletes on the Varsity teams or the intellectuals in the classes with the most academic rigor–who get the majority of the accolades. In this 4 part series, 16 under 16, highlights 16 freshman with exceptional talent in sports, school, clubs, or other activities. Here are the final 4 freshman to be featured this year.

16 Under 16: Part 4Grant Huebner: It takes guts to get up and leave in the middle of class knowing there could be repercussions. It takes guts to stand up to classmates who disagree with you, especially as a freshman. It takes even more guts to stand alongside McKinley road for hours holding up a sign demanding change, alone. Grant Huebner’s got guts.

Despite significant pushback from his classmates, including insulting comments online and in person, Grant created an instagram account called LF Walkout (now LF activism) and encouraged his classmates to join him in taking a stand for gun control reform. He also designed flyers to hang up around the school, but school rules prohibited him from doing so. Grant and three other students protested during school on April 20th, but after the others went inside, Grant remained for hours. While he was alone on our front lawn, he pointed out that he wasn’t truly alone at all– he was part of a movement occurring across the country.

When asked if he had advice for other students who want to be politically active, Grant said “if no one supports you in your small social group, continue anyway, because you matter. Opposition means that you are on the right road in this case.” He added, “this nation is based on people like you.” Grant also attended the March For Our Lives in Washington DC on March 24th, but gun control is definitely not his sole interest.

Grant is passionate about ending discrimination in all its forms, promoting peace, and eliminating poverty. Besides political activism, he is involved in Model UN, representing the Republic of Germany. He is also interested in physics and cosmology, particularly quantum mechanics. He is incredibly inquisitive, always wanting to learn more about the universe. He is also on the LFHS track and field team and sails over the summers.

Grant’s attitude about April 20th was simple: “it was a wonderful day to make a difference.” He certainly seems to carry that mentality with him in all that he does. We could all learn something about advocacy, bravery, and independence from Grant Huebner.

Words by Elizabeth Porter

16 Under 16: Part 4 1Kailey Albus: Under the bright spot lights that illuminate the Raymond Moore Auditorium, a freshman star is born. In front of a sold out crowd, Kailey Albus takes the stage to perform in the spring musical Beauty and the Beast. For many, the pressure and nerves that come from performing live in front of hundreds would be too much to handle. But, for Albus, this is what she loves to do, as she’s been acting and performing for quite some time.

Even before coming to the high school, Albus had a wide range of experience with multiple productions. As a cast member for Lake Forest Theatre in 2016, Albus starred in the presentation of The Secret Garden and Young Frankenstein. In addition, Albus has appeared in multiple other theatrical events across the North Shore over the years.

Now, in her first year at Lake Forest High School, Albus was awarded the role of Snow White in the fall play The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon. This spring, in the biggest production of the year, Albus starred as Chip in the musical Beauty and the Beast.

With a plethora of experience under her belt, there is no doubt Albus has the ability to be the next star in the theatre program. At her age, there are few people that possess the same confidence and skill set, which means Lake Forest High School has a special performer now and for years to come.

16 Under 16: Part 4 2Wyatt Horvat: In the shadows of Lake Forest High School, lies the red, oval track, which is home to the track and field teams. Within that track, practices a freshman long-jumper by the name of Wyatt Horvat, who has stood out at the varsity level in his first year at Lake Forest High School. So far, Horvat has competed with the varsity team in three different invitationals, helping the Scouts long jump team to second place in the Spartan Relays. To date, Horvat has secured 13 varsity points in various invitationals, which is 20th best on the team and the highest total of the freshman class.

At the sophomore and freshman level, Horvat has been equally impressive. In Lake Forest’s own invitational, Horvat defended his track, as he won the long jump event. Against Waukegan and Warren in April, Horvatt landed a massive jump of 19’9” en route to victory. In addition, Horvat claimed second at the Harland invitational and was a part of the underclassmen 4×100 relay team.

As the spring season comes to a close, Horvat can reflect on a successful first year for the track team. Head coach John Brumund-Smith and the Scouts program are excited about the athleticism Horvat brings to the team and they see a bright future ahead of him on the track.

16 Under 16: Part 4 3 16 Under 16: Part 4 4Julia Leclercq and Elsa Goldsberry: Last fall, the Lake Forest field hockey team brought home yet another Illinois state championship. A program as successful as the one here always has talented players in the pipeline. The next generation of Scouts are both freshman and have made their impact on the program with the JV team earlier this year. Those two players are Julia Leclerq and Elsa Goldsberry.

The youngest of the three Leclercq kids, Julia Leclercq is following in the footsteps of her older siblings Grant (2014) and Paige (2017). The freshman has created a name for herself around the school, and on the front lawn of east campus where the JV field hockey team competes. A top ranked player in the class of 2021, Leclerq seeks to be one of the next impact players for the Scouts, like her older sister and current senior Catherine Nicholson.

While Leclerq is out attacking and searching for goals, her fellow teammate Elsa Goldsberry is busy keeping opponents’ shots out of the net. The freshman goaltender, like Leclerq, is also one of the top ranked field hockey players in her class, according to MAX field hockey. Once the varsity team began its playoff run, Goldsberry was called up as the backup goaltender in just her first year with the program.

Together, Leclerq and Goldsberry lead the JV Scouts to an impressive (17-1) record this year. They have both been playing the game for a long time and clearly possess the skills to be the next wave of generational talent within the Scouts program. Next year, Lake Forest will go for its third straight state title in field hockey and these two pipeline stars could be the ones to get them there.