Intramural Recap: Week 6


Carter Horan

Junior 4-Team Playoff:

The Nabores (2-2) defeated The Grady Bunch (3-1), 46-45

In the toughest game of the weekend, Andrew Fluri and the Nabores came to fight against The Grady Bunch. The game started with lots of misses from both sides until juniors Will Freeman and Nick Wnuk began to hit tough shots for The Grady Bunch. A lead that once grew to 7 points was quickly diminished as Andrew Fluri continued to grab rebound after rebound, leading to wide open 3-pointers for Charlie Anderson and Andrew Forowycz. The game was a battle for the ages and the momentum brought by The Nabores was too much for The Grady Bunch to handle.

Ghetto Cowboys (4-0) conquered The Dads (1-3), 76-67

In game closer than most expected, the Ghetto Cowboys started hot with a commanding 30-3 lead to begin the game. Danny Fisher and Bobby Winebrenner pushed the ball hard, leading to easy baskets for the Cowboys. Their greatest lead was 69-30 when The Dads began their fight back. Missing their top two players, Teddy Oline and Sam Davis, it was an aggressive Dads team nothing like we’ve seen before who battled back to bring the game within 6. But, the strength and hostility of the Ghetto Cowboys shut down The Dads during primetime, 76-67.


Rim Wreckers (2-3) squeaked past The Dream Team (0-5), 44-43

A team still looking to earn their first win, The Dream Team had nothing to lose in their final regular season game. They put it all out on the floor as they challenged the Rim Wreckers to a one-point loss. This was a test for the Rim Wreckers to show that they are a force to be reckoned with. They were led by senior Lincoln Updike who dominated on both ends of the court.

Team Kyle Wix (6-0) beat The Armadillos (3-2), 98-55

Just shy of that 100 point park, Team Kyle Wix took it to The Armadillos as most would expect. The senior group is most definitely offensive-minded as they looked to score every possession. They were piloted by Ryan Durburg who exploded for 20+ points to seal the deal. The Armadillos fought hard with their 55-point performance, but their defense couldn’t stop the pace Team Kyle Wix held.

Come out to East Campus this Sunday evening to watch the final round of regular season play for freshmen, sophomores, and seniors.