‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Preview


Carter Horan

For those who haven’t already indulged themselves with season two, it only takes one episode for Netflix fans to fall in love with the kids of Stranger Things. After their success and popularity from Season One, the bar was set high for further installments. The series is noticeably similar to the 1985 hit, Goonies, as a group of kids growing up in the 80s deal with the invasion of mythical creatures. In Season One, the main character, Will, mysteriously disappears to an outside dimension and as he returns during Season Two, you learn about the reasons behind his disappearance. Each youngster brings a different personality to the clique from Eleven and her serious persona, to Dustin, the class clown.

The show does an outstanding job of picking up where they left off at the end of Season One. There is, in fact, many recurring scenes that demonstrate Will throwing up a slug show after the monster has invaded Will’s body. His family is also emphasized even further during Season Two as his mother has grown a companion to help raise Will with his special condition. As Will becomes more infected throughout the season, his friends and family take the steps to defeat the evil souls and save Will. One character that binge watchers learn increased knowledge of during Season Two is Eleven, one of the marquee characters in the show’s second season. A mysterious girl that appears only randomly during Season One, is now equipped with special, superhuman powers. Along with this new installment, Eleven’s family is revealed and integrated into the plot to bring a further understanding of her life and where she got her powers from.

Be sure to check out Season 2 of Stranger Things for a high paced, action-packed storyline of a group of kids living in the 80s on their journey to save their best friend.