Cum Laude Qualifiers Announced


John Torosian

Academic excellence is a vital element of Lake Forest High School’s reputation. Academic expectations at LFHS are extraordinarily high, but each year students go above and beyond the requirements set forth to achieve the highest level of academic standing forged through work ethic, dedication, and attention to detail.

Recently, the members of the Class of 2018 whose GPAs qualify them for membership in the National Cum Laude Society were announced.  According to the Lake Forest High School website, the Cum Laude is, “a national organization that honors scholastic achievement. Election to membership is granted to juniors and seniors by a faculty committee on the basis of outstanding academic achievement. Induction is held in conjunction with the National Honor Society and is usually held in April.”

Cum Laude is based on weighted grade point average (GPA), which is a numeric representation of your academic standing that takes into account the level of classes that you take and your performance in those classes.  Cum Laude is a representation of the premiere students at LFHS in terms of academic performance.

Below are the names of the students that qualified for membership in this prestigious organization.

William Andersen
Jillian Armstrong
Andrew Arnson
Anna Bazell
Lauren Beck
Evalyn Bentley
Trishala Bhagat
Emmet Brady
Evan Brown
Ava Caputo
Brett Chody
William Cirame
Elizabeth Clayton
Caroline Crawford
Lilianna DeFilippis
Mary Doheny
Olivia Douglass
Grace Duggan
Tiffany Duong
Nicholas Elsasser
Teresa Fawcett
Clara Finley
Andrew Gough
Andrew Grabemann
Mary Gregg
Rebecca Guo
Freda Hasselbring
Anika Heswall
Matthew Hill
Kristina Honour
Ali Jackson
Morgan Kamholz
Audrey Kaus
Emily Keaton
Elizabeth Kelley
Mary Kennelly
Theresa Kerouac
Eric Krieg
Madyllen Kung
Nancie Kung
Kyle Levin
Kaden Locey
Erika Marchant

Caroline Martino
Colin McDonnell
Parker Messner
Elizabeth Meulbroek
Skye Miller
Matthew Oline
Joseph Page
William Paschke
Samuel Pasquesi
Jessica Pasquesi
JonMark Pintas
Elizabeth Porter
Taylor Rappeport
Stefan Riedel
Benjamin Roemer
Isabel Rosa
Grace Scheidler
Connor Sheridan
Caroline Skinner
Margaret Slaughter
Catherine Slingerland
Megan Szostak
David Tanna
Carson Tazzioli
Matthew Thelen
Eleanor Thomas
Lincoln Updike
Bettina Urdaneta
Camille Valentincic
Blaise von Ohlen
Victoria Walsh
Kathryn Wicks
Christopher Wiegand
Kyle Wix
William Woidat