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Carter Horan

Moving away from cable TV, internet streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon video have built staple companies showing reruns of television shows and movies. Netflix has been highlighted as the most successful of all streaming services, providing all 14 seasons of Family Guy and all 9 seasons of The Office among many other favorites like Friends, and The West WingAfter all of that success, Netflix then began creating their own shows labeled as a “Netflix Original Series” with their first installment of House of Cards. Since then, many other shows have been established, drawing attention from all age groups with the addition of binge watching their favorite shows. Three Netflix shows are catching the attention of high schoolers and Netflix subscribers of all ages: 13 Reasons Why, Ozark, Riverdale, and Narcos.

13 Reasons Why

Now Playing: Netflix13 Reasons Why was the most popular show of the summer for teens built around the suicide of Hannah Baker. The tragedy leaves Liberty High School devastated and confused by her actions. Clay Jensen, the narrator of the show, is delivered secret tape recordings that explain Hannah’s secrets. Watch as Clay learns dark stories about his classmates and their impact on Hannah Baker’s life. This is the show that will keep you up all night, watching every 1 hour episode in a binge worthy, back-to-back fashion. Each episode is labeled as a tape that analyzes one character at a time. High school students have been raving about this series and a second season is on the way.


Now Playing: Netflix 1Ozark is the newest Netflix Original Series featured on the worldwide streaming service as a wild journey surrounding father and businessman Marty Byrde is played by Jason Bateman. Byrde’s life takes a turn when his secret job laundering money for the cartel goes wrong and he is forced to make an adjustment. Byrde and his family leave for the Ozarks where his life becomes chaotic for him and his family. Ozark is a new show that was just released on July, 31, 2017. The show gives viewers a Breaking Bad-esque feeling with Marty Byrde playing a role in the cartel similar to the one Walter White played his role in 2008. Watch for Ozark to become a popular show quickly for both teens and adults alike. 


Now Playing: Netflix 2Riverdale is a show based upon the early Archie Comics of the 1940s. It is produced around the staple characters that first popularized the paper comic including Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead. Riverdale is brought to life as a group of friends fight their way through high school, facing social and family problems. Familiar faces on the show include Cole Sprouse, who may catch the eye of teens reminiscing on their childhood from his role in The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. With just one season, Riverdale reels in viewers with big problems the suburban town faces. Look out for season 2 of Riverdale to be released soon as new characters and new problems invade the town.


Now Playing: Netflix 3Narcos is a show that many believe is outdated with its release 2 years ago. But, a third season for one of the most popular Netflix shows ever was just released on September 1st. It features a new storyline after the events from the finale of season 2. The show analyzes the perspective of the drug cartel of California as well as the perspectives of the DEA. Original and new Narcos fans should be excited for new characters and a new setting. Viewers should expect a crazy, action-packed season that resembles real events that occurred during the early-1990s. Even if you are just starting on Season 1, Narcos is a thrilling show that binge-watchers can fly through with just 10 episodes each season to experience the life of drug lord Pablo Escobar.