Do Your Homework


Isabelle Moore

You get home and fling off your shoes and saunter on into your house. You grab a quick snack and head up to your room. You change into some comfy clothes and throw your homework on top of your bed, but then you pull out your phone. You tell yourself “I’m just checking my Snapchat,” “Only five more minutes,” and “I can do it in study hall “, but what you don’t do is throw your phone down and start doing your homework until the sound of your parents’ feet on the stairs send you into a frenzy. The papers you were supposed to be doing are thrown around the room sailing under the bed and around the floor under the desk.

Doing your homework right when you get home is a better idea than waiting until the next day. It is true that teachers give out a lot of homework in high school, and it is definitely a lot, of course dependent on the course load you’re taking. I’m not saying that people who never do their homework when they get home are horrible students, but they should try to find time to set aside in order to finish their homework.

Some students at the high school have a job outside of school or sport events until 9 at night. it is understandable to not finish your homework until the next school day in your study hall, but if there is any chance you could possibly finish your homework when you get home, be sure to take that opportunity.

Finishing your homework early in the evening is a great thing because it opens up a lot of other opportunities for the rest of the day. Even though most students don’t get home until 4:00,  it is important to sit down and do the work then while the material is fresh in your mind. If you finish your homework you can have a small amount of time set aside to relax before the next school day, or even get a jump on the next day’s work.

I know that not all people have the time or the energy to do their homework right when they get home. I don’t blame any of you, but I think there is a better way to get the work done that needs to be completed. Homework points are some of the most beneficial grade boosts, but when you forget an assignment it can also affect your grade dramatically. So my question is: why not just do the work?

I understand that some students just don’t understand the topic or that they are so tired from a long school day that to actually raise their pencil and put words on a page seems like a chore. Still, homework points are a great way to bolster your grade and show a teacher that you are invested in the class. If you need help from a teacher and they know you’ve done all of the homework prior, they will be much more willing to take time out of their own busy schedule to help you.
In other words, just try to finish your homework. It will help you in the long run with grades.