Friday Five (+1)

Each week we highlight five people who are doing their part to make LFHS a better place (this week, it’s six)
Five more Scouts worth celebrating.
Five more Scouts worth celebrating.
Taylor Ross

Taylor Gaston

Sophomore Taylor Gaston, is a great athlete, outstanding friend, and overall a wonderful person. Many people can attest to the amazing person Taylor Gaston is.

Photo Courtesy of Hayden Gaston’s Instagram

Senior Hayden Gaston, Taylor’s brother, says, “My sister’s personality shines through, and allows her to get along with any community throughout the school. Especially the gymnastics team, soccer and diving team! She has a real knack for sports and a passion for teamwork and companionship.”

Gaston is a hardworking and accomplished student; she is great at all the sports she is a part of and a kind soul.

Franca Stohlgren says, “Taylor has such an infectious personality and brings a huge positive light to the team. She is so incredibly supportive, kind, humble, talented, and one of the most hardworking person I have ever met. If she has a goal she’ll do anything it takes, even if that means swinging bars until her hands are completely covered in rips. You can tell how Taylor’s determination rubs off on/ inspires others. She is such a natural leader and it was so amazing to see how even in her sophomore year the team looked to Taylor as a leader. She is also a three sport varsity athlete (gymnastics, soccer, and dive) which shows her insane athleticism and commitment. Taylor is just such a good person/friend inside and outside of the gym and has left a lasting impact on me and everyone on the team.”

Taylor is a caring person who will lead and cheer on her team no matter what. She loves each sport she participates in and does not stop working hard until she is satisfied. She is supportive on and off the field of her friends and family.

Nicholas Pizzo

From giving firm governmental speeches to screamo singing, Nicholas Pizzo has a range of talents. He’s a member of Debate Team, Model UN, and is considered a celebrity in the band room. He even has his own theme song, “Nicholas Pizzo,” on the album Judeaism. The lyrics encompass Pizzo completely, with the chorus and all lyrics consisting of “Nicholas Pizzo. Nicholas Pizzo. Nicholas Pizzo.”

Taylor Ross

“So many people have so many things to say about Nicholas Pizzo, I have heard songs written about him and seen large oil painting portraits of him, it’s literally insane how much people love him,” said fellow Debate, Model UN, and band member Avery Morris.

Not only is Pizzo a force to be reckoned with in the band room, he’s got a way with persuasive words as well.

Nicholas started making an impact from the first Debate Team meeting he attended.  Right away, I was impressed by his intelligence and his knowledge of current events,” said Debate Team sponsor Mr. John Wanninger. “And this is not just a surface knowledge; Pizzo has a nuanced and in-depth understanding of politics and civic affairs.”

As such a talented presence as a junior, Pizzo is set to be a strong leader his senior year. He has been chosen to be the co-president of Debate Team and will most likely make a comeback in next year’s Talent Show. Last year, he performed Erase Me by Make Them Suffer, and the crowd absolutely loved it. He performed in this year’s Battle of the Bands, achieving 2nd place.

“My interactions with Nicholas Pizzo are one of my favorite interactions to have,” said band member Evan Hausserman.

Pizzo is truly an appreciated and loved presence in his activities. If you don’t know Pizzo yet, you’re sure to know him next year, when he’s taken over the band room. 

“He has this incredible ability to bring people together, and make people whose voices aren’t valued heard, and I think that’s why he has such a large following,” said Morris.

Lizzy Flynn

Elizabeth (Lizzy) Flynn is an outstanding student, athlete, and friend. Lizzy is currently a senior attending LFHS and she’s been involved in a variety of activities such as JV Tennis, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Soccer, as well as being very skilled at Mandarin. Being a close friend of hers, I can always count on Lizzy to make me laugh. She’s a very fun and free spirited person who’s always fun to be around.    

Photo Courtesy of Lizzy Flynn’s Instagram

Lizzy’s friends also had a lot to say about her! Qeti Endaladze says, “As someone who has had Lizzy in their life for a long time, I can confidently say that she is an amazing person and a great friend to all. Whether on the soccer field or in everyday life, Lizzy is the type of person who continuously looks out for the ones close to her. She is kind hearted, courageous, and lively while approaching anything in her life. Overall, she is definitely someone I am proud to call my best friend.” 

Sage Sherman says, “Lizzy is the kind of person you can depend on for anything. If you need a laugh, a study buddy, or advice she’s the person to go to. She literally spent half a day with me deep cleaning my house(and doing most of the work). Lizzy is one of the funniest, most loyal and dependable people I know.

Lizzy’s teammates on her varsity soccer team also had great things to say about her! Sarah Consantine says, “Lizzy is a positive teammate that pushes all of us to get better. Her positive attitude keeps all of our heads up high especially in tough situations. She has a strong presence as a forward for our team and we can count on her to maintain pressure on the offensive end of the field. She’s an amazing player and most importantly, person!

Sarah’s twin sister Andrea said, “One of her strengths is definitely her positivity on and off the field. She always hypes up the team before a game. She’s always running after the ball and is aggressive attacking as a forward.” 

Overall, Lizzy is a very talented athlete and a great person to be around!

Mrs. Leah Everett (Pranke)

Mrs. Leah Pranke – who recently got married and switched her last name to Everett – has been a part of the Lake Forest High School community for nearly eight years and has succeeded in making her mark on many students’ lives. Everett started her career at LFHS as a Biology teacher and Boys Volleyball coach. Eventually, she made her way up to JV coach for girls, and this year became Girls  Varsity Head Coach with Mr. Ray Werner alongside her.

Ms. Leah PrankeWhen someone thinks of Everett, the first thing they are bound to say is that she is the most positive person you will ever meet, especially through all her hardships. She not only finds a way to overcome whatever challenge is brought upon her, but she does it with gracefulness and humbleness.

“Not only does she appreciate the sunrise with each new day, but she can spread a similar warmth that we feel from the sun,” said Werner.

Junior Kiley Goodman – who had Everett as a coach this past season – says she can always count on Everett to make her laugh and that her positive attitude is admirable.

“She inspires me to just enjoy life. She’s gone through so much and her outlook on life is still so positive, and it inspires me to live life with that same attitude,” Goodman says.

Everett does an outstanding job connecting with her players and students. She understands  what they need to succeed and how she can help that person succeed in the best way possible. Her energy is contagious and she always knows how to brighten up someones day, and despite all the hardships life has thrown at her, she has accepted them with grace and confidence.

“She has taught me how to hold myself to a higher standard. Having her believe in us (the volleyball team) definitely makes the entire team- myself included- stronger and we feed off her energy and confidence… She always holds people accountable and wants them to be the best versions of themselves,” said  senior Lily Smith who also had Everett as a coach this previous season, and served as a TA for Everett her junior year. 

Not only does she do a great job at spreading her kindness and joy to students, but to her coworkers as well. Mrs. Amy Rambo, who has been with Everett for seven years and taught in 2022 for biology, said Everett “oozes positivity and light” throughout LFHS.

Tess Uihlein

Sophomore Tess Uihlein’s cheerful spirit is one that does not go unnoticed. 

Photo courtesy of Tess Uihlein’s Instagram

Tess is widely known throughout the school for her optimistic outlook on life, her unmatched ability to make friends, and her dedication to school work and athletics. 

One thing that many can agree on is that Tess is an exemplary friend. She is, without a doubt, the kind of person that anyone would feel lucky to be around. 

“Tess is truly one of the most genuine people I know! She’s always there for you in any situation, and you can always expect to make lasting memories with her no matter what you’re doing,” said sophomore Eliza Carrabine.

Her admirable attitude translates into her athletic life as she is one of the newest members of the Girls Varsity Soccer Team. 

“Tess is the best friend and teammate I could have ever asked for. She is so positive and always uplifting others, whether it’s after a tough day or game, she is always there for you!” sophomore Anna Jasper said. 

However, Tess is even more than a shiny personality. Even as one of the youngest players on the team, she is athletically driven and has already started to make a lasting impact on her team.

“Tess makes practice and games super fun! She is a great player and makes lots of smart and strategic decisions on the field to benefit the whole team. I personally have seen that Tess is always encouraging people while playing and helps everyone out,” junior teammate Ava Walsh said.  

Marcel Meyer

When it comes to creating rock music like no other, Marcel Meyer is the king. Marcel Meyer is a freshman with incredible musical talent. You might’ve seen him in the LFHS talent show as the opening act, performing a euphoric, goosebumps-inducing Chicago blues act.

Taylor Ross

EdTech and Talent Show Director Mr. Holmer says, “He is dedicated, passionate, and likes to take on the challenge.”

Not only does he express his incredible musical abilities in Talent Show but also he produces his own music outside of school. Dedicating lots of time in creating songs.

Senior and fellow band member, Leo Rubin says, “He can play anything on guitar he puts his mind to. He has a really unique singing voice.” Leo was able to work with Marcel along with Senior Evan Haussermann during the talent show. “I was honestly very lucky to work with him and he’s a super chill and cool guy,” said Haussermann.

Just like his music, Marcel radiates with a positive and chill energy. His pure passion and devotion to music and other creative projects is just one of many reasons why he’s a one in a million person.

Junior and New Media classmate, Grace Donavan says, “He constantly asks insightful questions and he is always pushing himself to challenge. I -and the rest of the new media program- have tremendous amount of respect for Marcel. He will go so far in his next years in new media and in life!”

He is extremely funny and devoted to his work; for example, he was a standout for the projects he completed in New Media and in Math.

Math teacher, Mrs. Tomek says, “He’s a really funny kid. He’s got a lot of energy. He brings a lot to the class. He’s a little bit of a jokester and it’s fun.”

Last Friday, Marcel stole the show at Battle of the Bands, with multiple rocking guitar solos from songs including “Back in the USSR” and “Johnny B. Goode.” Marcel helped his band, G.O.O.S.E. earn first place at Battle, due to their musical talent and collaboration performing a fantastic setlist.

G.O.O.S.E. band leader and sophomore Nate Arch said, “He’s always glad to help people learn more about music.”

Whether it’s in the classroom or rocking out on the stage, Marcel is a star. Keep a look out for Marcel; with his friendly personality and incredible tunes, he’s not someone you want to miss!


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