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Each week we highlight five people who are doing their part to make LFHS a better place
Five more Scouts worth celebrating.
Five more Scouts worth celebrating.
Taylor Ross

Cole Abrahamson

From working concessions at home football games to leading the freshman basketball team as team manager, freshman Cole Abrahamson consistently brings a positive energy to everything he does.

Leadership is obviously a role that Cole feels comfortable with, as he was also captain of the Green Machine freshman intramural basketball team and a player for the Magic Johnsons.

In addition to extracurricular activities, Cole has also made meaningful connections with his teachers and staff as well. 

Cole is such a fun, laid back student who is a go with the flow type guy. He is always Mr. Reliable with a smoothie from the Grind as he rolls into 7th period.  He brings great energy to class and everybody loves talking to and getting to know him,” said Mr. Joe Harmsen. “In short, Cole is the best!”

This year, Cole has also found a passion for New Media. According to classmates, he is an outstanding teammate who can truly be counted on for group projects

“He’s a great student … and a great guy to have in your class,” Ford Davie said.

Mr. Peter Lubliner

Mr. Peter Lubliner seems born to be an English teacher, but in reality, he has had quite the journey to Lake Forest High School. From directing and surfing in the Golden Coast to teaching Cather in the Rye in a chilly Illinois, Mr. Lubliner’s life has been nothing close to dull. 

In the classroom, his students look forward to the end of class on Fridays when they get a tale of his past; some are crazy, others sad, a few even mischievous, but students know they’re always in for a good time. I would tell you the details, but I wouldn’t want to spoil it.

“I was always fascinated by his stories, and they always provided a good moral,” said junior Simon Back.

Mr. Lubliner’s enjoyment for his job isn’t only seen inside the classroom though. When you see him in the hallways, he won’t fail to greet you with a fistbump to brighten your day.

“His class completely changed the way I write essays, giving me a foundation to build on as I further develop my writing skills. He works as hard, if not harder than all of his students, which creates a productive learning environment where we are not only growing as students but also having a great time,” said junior Xavier Garriques.

In recent years, Mr. Lubliner, a long-time surfer, transitioned from the oceans to the slopes. His passion for skiing is far from recreational, as he ski’s competitively throughout the winter months.

Overall, Mr. Lubliner’s underlying message in his stories seems to be don’t settle for small life, live multiple lives, and don’t let your age decide what train you get on.


Campbell Gore

Sophomore Campbell Gore is often recognized for her kind, genuine personality.  Through her commitments to her beloved clubs Scout Buddies and Women’s club, along with being an active member on the varsity girls lacrosse and field hockey teams, Gore continuously shows hard work and compassion for everything she does. 

According to fellow teammate Cate Lee, besides her kind personality, Gore is “super dedicated” to all the sports she participates in and  a true embodiment of determination and passion.

“Campbell is the most genuine person you will ever meet. On the field hockey team, she plays a huge role. She just recently made varsity lacrosse as well. This past year I have really gotten to know her, and she is so fun and positive all the time. She is down for whatever whenever! Hands down one of my best friends,” said Lee. 

Varsity coach of both the varsity girls lacrosse and field hockey teams Cat Catanzaro describes Gore’s personality as “kind” and “welcoming,” which are qualities vital to teammate connection. She explains these qualities are what makes Gore a “great teammate.”

Campbell is always putting others before herself. Constantly helping her peers, whether it be her best friend or a stranger.

“However that is only part of who she is. During games you get to see her intensity, drive and grit. Having both sides to her makes Campbell a truly unique and gifted athlete,” said Catanzaro.

Not only does Campbell show her compassion through her sports, she proves each and every day to her friends that she is someone to lean on for anything they need.

“Campbell is always putting others before herself. Constantly helping her peers, whether it be her best friend or a stranger. She is always willing to help you no matter the circumstance,” said sophomore Josie Irvin. “Campbell is very involved in Scout Buddies and is constantly thinking of fun ideas to do with everyone along with always making everyone feel welcome. She is so passionate and determined to make everyone feel loved.”

Through her many qualities, friends believe Gore is someone they can trust, kindness being ingrained in her every action. Her dedication to make everyone feel like they belong never goes unnoticed. 

According to sophomore Mia Konkol, Gore not only is a genuine, kind person, she is someone she can count on for anything. 

“In general, Campbell is always so on top of everything and so hardworking. She always does her part and exceeds the expectations for things that are asked of her to be done. She will always be willing to help you with anything,” said Konkol. 

Avi Srivastava

Junior Avi Srivastava has brought his ahleticism to the track and field team this year, and he’s excelling at it. 

“The times he is getting is impressive for only being on the team for a few weeks”  captain Tyler Bernstein said.

As strong of an athlete as Srivastava is, what he does off the track and the football field makes him even more special. 

“Avi never fails to make the team laugh or lift a teammate’s head,” said track teammate Bronson Kuever, “When a teammate gets frustrated, Avi always steps in and gives a helping hand and tries to fix the situation.”

Srivastava’s sense of humor has had a big impact on the track team; he is always saying something funny but without crossing the line.

“As a teammate and as a friend I can confidently say that Avi is the funniest person I know,” said Ben Smith, “He is always somehow able to make me laugh at the fitting time.


Haddie Deegan

If you ever need someone to boost your energy, junior Haddie Deegan has you covered.

“Haddie has so much energy, and she’s there for anyone when they need to talk to someone. She is a ray of sunshine and is always there to brighten your mood,” junior Ally Luciana said. 

Behind Deegan’s bubbly personality and “sunshine” persona is one of the hardest working people you will ever meet. 

With her unwavering determination, Deegan is,  according to junior Finley Karr, “someone who truly resembles that of a hard worker.”

“She is driven and determined with anything and everything she does. Whenever I am with her, she truly pushes me to become the best version of myself,” Karr said. 

After wrapping up her first year on the Lake Forest Varsity Dance Team with a State Championship under her belt and winning the “Most Improved” award, she is ready to take on her final year in the sport, inspiring her teammates along the way. 

“I’ve known Haddie pretty much my whole life, and I have never met someone more passionate about dance than she is. If she’s doing a skill, she gives that skill one hundred percent of what she is always looking for ways to make it better; Haddie truly never settles,” junior Grace Clark said. “I can tell she truly loves this sport and our team. She is always motivating everyone around her.” 

With her ecstatic and energetic personality to her hardworking personality, Deegan encourages anyone around her to work hard with a smile on their face.

“Haddie is always pushing for others in and out of the studio. She will always be the one cheering and telling you can push further than you think you can. Her will power and perseveration seriously rubs off on everyone around her,” sophomore Sophia Brincat said. 


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