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Each week we highlight five people who are doing their part to make LFHS a better place
Five more Scouts worth celebrating.
Five more Scouts worth celebrating.
Taylor Ross

Clare Kaiser

When junior Katie-May Newman’s Intramural Basketball team was short a player, she knew just who to turn to for help: Clare Kaiser.

“She absolutely destroyed. She had so much power on the court,” Newman said.

But this comes as no surprise to anyone who knows Kaiser. She’s simply a force to be reckoned with.

She started the school year with a leading role in Kev Burger, a Senior-Directed One Act directed by seniors Ryder Gamrath and Ana Dollard. After the One Acts, Kaiser joined the freshman/sophomore show, The Brightest Thing (Or, the Squonk Play) as Beetlejuice, the red giant star.

“I met her during the Squonk Play, and she was the “star” of the show,” junior Declan Boyle said.

Kaiser’s talents aren’t exclusive to the theater. After The Brightest Thing, Kaiser flipped her way onto the JV Gymnastics team, no doubt bringing her intense passion to this endeavor.

“Clare always has so much great energy,” junior Nora Sharman said. “She’s a positive light to be around.”

Kaiser still hasn’t taken a break. Most recently, she helped out backstage at the Talent Show and is currently featured in Mean Girls, the spring musical.

Kaiser’s energy extends outside of activities, too.

“I love driving her around because she always loves driving in my car,” Newman said. “She just thinks it’s so fun to drive around with me. One time, my convertible roof was coming back up and it hit her in the head when she was trying to stand up. We both thought it was really funny. I love her to death.”

Most people who know Kaiser feel similarly. She’s known for always bringing the energy to whatever task she attempts, whether it’s rehearsal, practice, or simply hanging out with friends.

“She brings the life to the party, all the time, every day,” junior Carina DiVito said.


Charlie Axus

Sophomore Charlie Axus is not only a star athlete who has demonstrated her commitment and integrity to her teammates and coaches, but also the type of person people admire for her lively personality and compassion.

While playing on two varsity sports as only a sophomore, Axus has proved her athleticism and how she can keep up with some of the older players on her teams. Teammates on both her tennis team and basketball team understand the importance of her role on their team.

“Charlie is one of the hardest workers I know. Being her doubles partner in tennis, she is always supporting me and cheering me up on and off the court. Charlie is also dedicated and consistently tries to improve her skills and push herself to be the best she can!” said close friend and teammate Carm Ventura.

Axus made both the varsity tennis team and basketball team as freshman; however, she has continued to push herself in order to reach her fullest potential. Her teammates have shown their appreciation for such a passionate and driven person to be their teammate.

“Charlie is such a hardworking and dedicated person. She is always one of the first people out on the court getting extra shots up or the last one leaving the gym. She always has a positive attitude and looks on the bright side of everything,” said basketball teammate Lauren Richards. 

In addition to shining in the athletic department, Axus is also extremely committed to the academic side of being a student at LFHS. Along with being enrolled in various AP classes, she is also an active member of the Student Council.

“Charlie is just a ray of sunshine! She is constantly trying to brighten others’ day by her positivity and humor. Charlie is also such a big help and inspiration during Student Council by bringing great ideas to the table,” said Sophomore Class President Josie Irvin.

Above all of Axus’ accomplishments, many people value their friendship they have with her due to her cheerfulness and her ability to be a confidant.

“Charlie’s positive attitude and kindness is something everyone notices! She constantly builds people up and is always caring for others before herself,” said sophomore Maddy Cummins.


Ryan Valentincic

Junior Ryan Valentincic is one of the best examples of what it truly means to be a Scout. From his involvement in sports to choir to helping out with last month’s ELS game Ryan is a well-rounded guy.

“Being around Ryan has introduced me to a very hardworking and unselfish person,” said junior  raydon Duncan.

 It is evident that Ryan is driven by a determination to never give up.

“He’s got the most competitive mentality I’ve ever seen,” said junior Jack Lamberti.

 When others are so quick to accept the fact that they lost, Ryan always strives to do better than the first time, “I remember when we were at open gym and every time we would lose he wouldn’t let us leave and made us play again until we won,” said Jack. 

Ryan shows similar tenacity off the field. “ I really enjoy choir with Ryan because he is super uplifting and fun in class,” said senior Ameena Alsikafi. 

Ryan influences so many with his passion and drive for so many things.

“I had the pleasure of welcoming Ryan into (our) Christmas gift giving drive this past December… It was a few days before delivery and I realized I needed a few more hands. I reached out to Ryan and he undoubtedly was up for the task and exceeded all needs. Ryan is the type of person anyone could count on for literally anything,” said junior Grace Donovan.   

Zachary Shoemaker

Senior Zachary Shoemaker is hardworking, both inside and outside of school, as well as both on and off the ice.

When not in school, you can find him at Midtown Athletic Club of Bannockburn, where he is a consistent lifter and a huge advocate for weight lifting/fitness. Outside of Midtown, Shoemaker, a two-year Varsity Gold center, is the alternate captain for the Lake Forest Scouts Varsity Gold hockey team.

Shoemaker finished the 2023-2024 season within the Top-15 of all SHL point scorers, and second amongst all Scouts hockey scorers. In 31 games, Shoemaker scored 14 goals and 20 assists, tallying out to 34 points. Shoemaker is a very hard worker, and is always looking for ways to grow as a young entrepreneur. Shoemaker is a great friend, leader, captain, brother, and son.

Senior and fellow Varsity Gold linemate Jackson Drum praised his hockey play.

“His work ethic is very good despite him being a very short guy. He is a great leader, and cares about points more than anyone,” said Drum.

Drum also mentioned that he is very on top of things, “Everytime he gets a point, he makes sure to go to the ref to confirm that he gets the stat.” 

Team Fitness teacher Matt Fiordirosa described Shoemaker as a very polished individual.

“I have never seen Zach play hockey, however, in team fit he approaches everything we do competitively.” said Fiordirosa.

He went on to praise Shoemaker’s athleticism and passion for fitness.

“I have yet to see an activity that he doesn’t excel at. On top of being a skilled athlete, Zach has always treated myself and his peers respectfully. He seems to place a high value on physical fitness and athletics which I can relate a lot to.”

Zach’s older brother, Jackson Shoemaker, had nothing but praise for his younger brother’s overall work ethic.

“The past few years Zach’s been my motivator when it comes to the gym,” said Shoemaker.

Shoemaker also mentioned that “seeing (his) little brother fall in love with the gym and always make time for a workout no matter how busy his schedule is has been very cool.” 

“His dedication and work ethic has paid off, he has one of the craziest bench press ratios I know of, and I’ve seen it pay off on the ice as well; he’s a dawg.”

Lissy Blume

If  you need a dependable Scout, senior Lissy Blume is the perfect person for the job. As a two sport varsity athlete, Lissy is loyal on and off the field.

“Lissy is someone I can go to for literally anything. If it’s about family, friends, sports, or school she can always give me the advice I need and wanted. She is a great role model on and off the field, which has made me become so close with her. In my opinion, I think everyone needs a Lissy in their life,” junior Cate Lee said. 

Lissy is a constant source of positivity and encouragement to so many people. She pushes everyone to be the best version of themselves in all kinds of atmospheres. Lissy was named the Varsity Lacrosse captain as a junior and was a courageous leader throughout the entire season. 

“Lissy has a determination and work ethic that truly sets her apart,” said Head Varsity Girls Lacrosse Coach Cat Catanzaro. “Lissy’s greatest strength is her desire to grow everyday, she always is trying to find a way to better herself and those around her.”

Lissy is not only a leader of the lacrosse team, but is also part of the CROYA high school executive board as the Public Relations chair and is a key contributor to ScoutNation. Lissy has taken on all kinds of leadership roles, which truly speaks to who she is as a person. She is able to balance sports, extracurriculars, and prioritize friendships in such a unique way. She offers help and support in each aspect of her life, which truly makes her such an amazing friend.

“Lissy is a super helpful and dependable friend, if you need help with anything she’s a great person to ask,” said senior Oliver Silver.

Lissy Blume constantly shines and motivates those around her. She is a source of joy and guaranteed fun while staying a dependable friend and inspiring leader.

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