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Each week we highlight five people who are doing their part to make LFHS a better place
Five more Scouts worth celebrating.
Five more Scouts worth celebrating.
Taylor Ross


Paige Gibbons

Senior Paige Gibbons has mastered the art of the work-life balance that many high schoolers struggle to achieve. Not only this, but her work-ethic inspires those around her to be better versions of themselves. 

Gibbons has been running since her freshman year and is a dedicated member of LFHS’ cross country and track teams. This fall, she stepped into a leadership role as co-captain of the cross country team. In her athletic career, she has been part of three State-qualifying teams.

“Paige is one of the hardest working and most committed athletes we have had on our team,” said Cross Country Assistant Coach Mrs. Marni Levinson. “She was a phenomenal leader; she made sure everyone was included. She created opportunities for team bonding and experiences, and she led by example through her work ethic and positive attitude.”

Gibbons’ go-getter attitude spreads to just about every aspect of her life. As an incredibly self-disciplined student, AP Calculus teacher Mr. Lakin said Gibbons perseveres through challenging content with ease, yet is “always down to keep the mood light.” 

“When a student is as focused as Paige, it can sometimes be hard for students to see or hear anything beyond that academic goal. Paige balances levity and academia in my classroom with grace,” Lakin said. 

Gibbons’ friends admire her not only for her positive attitude, but for her seemingly contagious motivation. 

“I have been teammates with Paige for three years now, and I can honestly say she is one of my biggest inspirations,” teammate Shalini Krishnaswamy said. “This past season, her leadership as a captain united the team into feeling like a family.” 

In addition to her athletic and academic endeavors, Gibbons engages in friendly scholastic competition as a member of LFHS Science Olympiad. Peers of Gibbons’ applaud her for her ability to give 110% effort to each of her commitments. 

“Her work ethic and reliability is admirable. She motivates everyone around her to be the best versions of themselves by being a supportive and positive person,” Krishnaswamy said.

Ms. Kristen Carlson

Ms. Carlson is not only the fearless leader of the English department, but also an incredible, revered teacher who recently accepted the role of club sponsor to the newly formed Interact Club. 

Her greatest quality, however, might just be her awareness. Ms. Carlson is aware of what her students are doing, going through, and celebrating. She sees her pupils both as students and as real people dealing with the trials and tribulations of being teenagers.

Ms. Carlson is in a unique position. In teaching writing, and in encouraging students to delve deep within themselves, she is sometimes exposed to the innermost thinking of the individual student. Through this window, she gets to know everyone on a level not often revealed to a history, math, or science teacher. Through this relationship of trust, Ms. Carlson seems to know just how to connect with her students.

She is the kind of teacher who will push a student to be their absolute best. When she reviews assignments, if she believes a student can do better, she will give input and provide the opportunity to grow. She seeks the spark within each student, and she can ignite that spark with encouragement or a push in the right direction.  She will even reject pieces, if she knows a student is holding back.

Further, Ms. Carlson understands that being a student can be difficult at times. She is patient, understanding, and supportive. She encourages self-expression and discovery through writing, and she enjoys celebrating victories big and small.

“Ms. Carlson is most definitely one of the best English teachers I’ve ever had. She is kind, so intelligent, thoughtful, and deep. She inspires creativity and success from all her students, but not just teaching to teach but for students to learn and understand,” senior Avery Morris said.

Outside of the classroom, and when she’s not leading the English Department, Ms. Carlson is engaged with the Interact Club.  Working to promote “service over self,” she has led adventures ranging from retiring flags across Lake Forest on Veterans Day to baking up a storm at the Misericordia Bakery.  

Ms. Carlson is also the fun teacher who wants to build relationships with her students. Whether she is bringing her students donuts on test days, birthdays, and/or on random days just because she feels like it, giving an assignment that will force her students to contemplate themselves in a different way, or driving the white bus to an Interact event, Ms. Carlson is making her students better people.

Ethan Ziperstein 

Sophomore Ethan Ziperstein is an active and energetic student at LFHS. His friends describe him as bright, radiant, and kind.

He has managed to rekindle the Spanish Club after a slip in membership, and he is now president of the club with his friend, sophomore Lena Olszewski. 

Ziperstein not only runs the Spanish club but is also a member of Art Club, Animal Conservation Club, and Yearbook Club. He participates in these clubs with a lot of enthusiasm and devotion. 

Ethan is an admirable student because of all the work he does without expecting anything in return. It is always enjoyable to be around him because he is very energetic and understanding. He is attentive and uplifting to his peers. 

“No matter who he is talking to or what the subject is, he always brings a positive energy to whatever conversation he joins, and he is always there to lift your energy,” junior Rayanne Attar said.

In addition to going to clubs, Ziperstein also does a lot of volunteer work at local organizations. He is very caring and always positive, which makes him a fun person to be around. 

“Whenever we volunteered at the library together, the shifts are three hours long, but he always made time fly by entertaining me. He’s the kind of person you can be with for hours and not get bored because of how enthusiastic he is about everything he says,” sophomore Sydney Keck said. 

Chloe Hvostik

Junior Chloe Hvostik has made quite the impact at LFHS. Whether you sit with her at lunch or have practice with her after school, you are guaranteed a good laugh. As she continues into her third year at LFHS, Hvostik proudly represents the Girls Varsity Soccer Team, and the Girls Varsity Basketball Team. 

Hvostik is known for her competitive nature and hunger to succeed. Teammate and best friend Lauren Richards has always admired Hvostik’s ambition and says that she will do whatever it takes to come out on top. 

“She’s one of the most hardworking people I know. She’s always pushing to be the best version of herself and has truly earned all of her accomplishments,” Richards said. 

After making both teams, Hvostik has become a crucial starting player on the soccer field and the basketball court. However, Hvostik does not limit herself. On top of school, sports, volunteering, and working at Hometown in Lake Forest she also finds the time to pursue “passion projects” with her friends. 

Junior Bria Mancuso says her and Hvostik recently started a DJ business, which formed from their love of music. Although the idea was “super spontaneous”, Mancuso was not surprised by how eager Hvostik was to give it a try.  

“I was talking to Chloe one day, and I brought up this idea of wanting to DJ. Without hesitating she said she would do it with me and actually ended up buying a turntable. That’s just who she is. She’s always up for anything and keeps people on their toes,” Mancuso said.

Mr. Sheridan

Leading a double life as both an educator and a bass player in a band, Mr Sheridan might just be the coolest teacher in the building.

“He’s into a lot of cool stuff; he still seems like he’s living out his youth years, a very vibrant man who seems to know what he wants in life,” senior Nick Nyland said.

But he also knows his stuff in the classroom. Prior to becoming a teacher, Sheridan was in sales for an extended period of time, which allows him to incorporate his knowledge of how things work in a professional setting into a classroom setting. He uses this real world experience to make his classes even more interesting.

If you ever end up in an elective taught by Mr Sheridan, just know you are in for a fun and relaxed time. He has an ability to connect and resonate with his students through his great sense of humor and passion for his job.

“He’s a super positive guy; he always comes into class with a good attitude, which is why I get excited for his class,” senior Charlie Walsh said.

Mr. Sheridan teaches multiple electives for sophomores through seniors, which include but are not limited to fun and informative classes such as Advertising and Sports Management.

 If you ever feel unsure about an upcoming class, if you see Mr. Brian Sheridan is your teacher, just know you are in good hands.

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