My summer 2023 albums

Morgan Saltzman, Staff Writer

My summer going out of my senior year and into the next chapter of my life definitely needs a soundtrack.  Decidedly the rest of you also need a soundtrack for this year’s summer.  So here are my summer 2023 top albums to listen to for every summer vibe.

98.12.28 Otokotachino Wakare (Live) – Fishmans 

The production on this album is simply incredible.  The rest of it is a little funky.  Fishmans is a Japanese psychedelic rock band from the nineties.  Yet even still the production quality is on par with current albums.  What makes it even more incredible is that it’s live.  It’s an amazing and unique album with tracks perfect for summer nights.  

New Amerykah, Pt. 2:  Return of the Ankh – Erykah Badu 

By far one of my favorite Erykah Badu albums, next to her first album Baduizm.  Badu is one of the leader of the neo-soul movement with her funk and rnb sounds.  What makes this album so worth it for the summer is the lightness of the tracks.  Her voice carries the melodies and harmonies so beautifully.  Not only that but many of the songs include samples of her earlier music, a very nice touch and throwback of sorts.  Overall an amazing album to cool down to on a hot summer’s day.

Invitation to Her’s – Her’s 

I will always love Her’s.  The singers voice an incredibly unique baritone that matches perfectly with their indie sound.  Tracks like Harvey and Love and the Line (Call Now) capture their sound and add almost a vintage feel to the album.  It’s perfect of an eventful summer’s day.

Yume – Lamp 

One of my old friends described Lamp’s sound as something similar to the old music his grandparents would play when he visited.  Lamp really does carry this sense of nostalgia in their music.  The second track A Toshi No Aki reminds me of summer days in the city and walking around with my friends down the beach with the bustling of the city around me.  The fourth track 6 Goushitsu takes a different turn and it feels like a calm summer’s day filled with memories and nostalgia.  It’s a versatile album that’s perfect for the summer.  

A Collection of Fleeting Moments and Daydreams – Orion Sun

This album reminds me of falling in love in the summertime.  Tracks like Orion,
Water (Antidote, Pt. 2), and Mango (Freestyle / Process), are amazing tracks with a unique sound and lovely feeling.  The themes of this album are that of love, loss, and longing.  Switching between a cheerful sound and a more quieter one at times, this album has the perfect balance.