College Corner: Week 8


Bentley Frost and Luca Ferraioli

Name: Jason Schacher

College: UCLA

Major: Computer Science

Location: Los Angeles, California

Mascot:  The Bruins

How did you first hear about UCLA?: 

“To be honest i’m not too sure  how I first  heard about  UCLA, but it was probably just  by  word  of mouth  since it’s a pretty  well known school.”

Why UCLA?: 

“UCLA has everything that  I really was looking for in a college. Top tier academics, a fun student life, good sports teams, and a great location, so it just  seemed like the best choice for me.”

What are you most excited about?: 

“I’m most excited to meet a ton of new people, and to be really close to the beach and the mountains. I’m just excited for warm weather overall.”


Name: Alexa Schweitzer

College: The Ohio State University 

Major: Undecided

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Mascot: The Buckeyes 

How did you first hear about OSU?: 

“I first heard about OSU through  my family friends who  have gone there before. I then  started looking more into  the school with my  family, counselor, and friend and decided it was  really worth applying to.”

Why OSU?: 

“When I first  went to the campus I immediately felt a sense of home, belonging, and community. Everyone that was there seemed so proud to be a buckeye, and OSU is full of  school spirit.”

What are you most excited about?: 

“I’m so beyond excited for all the game days since the  athletics there are top  notch, and I am also extremely excited to rush for all of the sorority events.”


Name: Henrik Goldsberry

College: University of Kansas

Major: Marketing 

Location: Lawrence, Kansas

Mascot: The Jayhawks 

How did you first hear about Kansas?: 

“I first heard about Kansas through some of my friends Annie Swift and Jack Kaplan, and from there I decided to apply. But there were also a lot of parents talking to me about the school, it just seemed to be a really popular school.”

Why Kansas?: 

“The campus is really nice, along with the town the college is in, and the views you get on the top of the hill are insane. I also got a good amount of money from the school, so it just seemed like the smart choice.”

What are you most excited about?: 

“I think I’m most excited about the freedom college gives you. Plus I’m really excited to meet a ton of new people since the college is big.”


Name: Annie Schiedler

College: University of Notre Dame

Major: Biochemistry

Location: Notre Dame, Indiana

Mascot: The Fighting Irish 

How did you first hear about Notre Dame?: 

“My family is a huge Notre Dame family. It’s where my parents met, so I grew up visiting the campus and going to all the football games. I’ve always known about Notre Dame and i’ve been an Irish fan since the very start.” 

Why Notre Dame?: 

“After visiting my siblings on campus and seeing through them what it’s like to be a student at ND, I knew it was the place for me. Not only  are the  academics so strong, but  there is major school  spirit and that’s something I really wanted at college. Also, everyone you meet on  campus is so kind and hardworking, and those are the kind of people i want to surround myself with.”

What are you most excited about?: 

“I’m most excited to meet new people and to just go to college in general. I’m looking forward to the game days and being on campus with my brothers.”


Name: Jack Griffin

College: Elon University

Major: Business and Sports Management

Location: Elon, North  Carolina

Mascot: The Phoenix 

How did you first hear about Elon?: 

“I first heard about Elon from students who went to this high school. I applied to Elon because the weather there is perfect and the campus is super pretty. It is easily walkable and there are always things to do there like pick up basketball or beach volleyball.”

Why Elon?: 

“I chose Elon because I have family in Raleigh, North Carolina and the size of the school is perfect for me. The business school there continues to get better and I can’t wait to meet new friends.”

What are you most excited about?: 

“I am most excited about getting fun internship opportunities and rushing in the springtime.”