Lake Forest V.S New Trier girls soccer preview


Courtesy of Colin Peters

New Trier has always been one of the biggest rivals of the Scouts soccer team. The Trevians had been undefeated against LFHS for 13 years until last season when the Scouts won 3-0.

This year, the game takes place on May 10th at New Trier.

The stakes are high as this is the team’s second to last game of the season before regionals.

“I think we proved last year that our team is fully capable of beating them but even with last year’s victory, our team will come into the game with a strong mentality,” Captain Lily Cran said. “I have confidence that our team will show up and rise up.”

The team has been working hard all season and has a current
record of 5-4-3. This wouldn’t be possible without having a strong sense of teamwork.

“Our dedication to team chemistry on and off the field will allow us to face New Trier as a strong and united team,” Cran said.

The team dynamic has played an integral role this season and will be put to the test when the Scouts face New Trier, especially since some of their opponents double as their teammates during the club season.

It’s clear that the Scouts are prepared and are putting their best foot forward to face the Trevians. As Varisty Coach Ty Stuckslager put it, “it doesn’t matter whether we win or lose…but let’s face it, winning makes it a lot sweeter.”