Stream or Skip: The Record by Boygenius

Stream or Skip: The Record by Boygenius

Morgan Saltzman, Staff Writer

Boygenius’s first album, released March 31, is a disappointment compared to their EP released in 2018.  The acclaimed “Supergroup” consisting of Julien Baker, Lucy Dacus, and Phoebe Bridgers, is just that, a supergroup. 

Their music combines rich harmonies and musical talents of the three members to produce an alternative sound unique to their own.  Yet, their newest album doesn’t quite live up to what it followed.  

With or Without Them – Stream

If you liked Ketchum ID from the first EP this song is for you.  A beautiful a capella piece filled with rich harmonies, truly worth the listen.

$20 – Stream

This song has it all.  Harmonies, the occasional scream from Phoebe Bridgers, and a wonderful instrumental.  All three voices are balanced perfectly and given their time to shine throughout the song.

Emily I’m Sorry – Stream 

The harmonies in the chorus make this song worth listening to.  Each one is perfectly balanced for a truly beautiful and emotional song.

True Blue – Stream

A wonderful song with strong lyrics.  Emotional lines like the ending two, “I remember who I am when I’m with you / Your love is tough, your love is tried and true blue.”  I love the inclusion of the song title as the ending lyric, it really makes a powerful statement.

Cool About It – Skip 

Contrary to popular belief, this song does not live up to the hype.  The song includes some folk elements that just don’t seem to fit in with the rest of the album.  I will give credit to the lyricism in the later part of the song, but that seems all the song has to offer.

Not Strong Enough – Stream 

This song combines harmonies between Baker and Bridgers in the first part who have a beautiful blend.  While later in the song including Dacus to create a wonderful balance.  The song successfully tells a story while also not being too literal like other songs in the album.

Revolution 0 – Skip

Boygenius you can do better than this.  The Lyricism in this song simply does not live up to the rest of the album.  With cliches like “I don’t wanna die / that’s a lie” it feels too simple and unpoetic. 

Leonard Cohen – Skip 

The shortest song on the album and somehow I wish it was shorter, about one minute and forty two seconds shorter (that’s the length of the song haha funny I know).  The song feels like a lazily written story with a half attempted melody behind it.  Just not it.

Satanist – Skip 

Dear god.  I would love this song if it wasn’t for the same guitar chords over and over again in the background.  It just seems like lazy songwriting and it drowns out the melody and the rest of the instruments. 

We’re In Love – Stream 

My personal favorite song on the album.  This song has incredible lyricism, and carefully places its harmonies to emphasize certain lines that add to the overall theme of the song.  It’s a gorgeous piece and absolutely broke my heart the first time I listened to it.

Anti-Curse – Stream

LET JULIEN BAKER COOK!!  Thank god we finally got a song where they let Julien Baker belt. 
Otherwise Anti-Curse steers away from the cliche lyricism and makes way for a strong instrumental.

Letter to an Old Poet – Stream

Another ode to an earlier song, with a direct reference to, Me and My Dog, from the 2018 EP.  Letter to an Old Poet is beautifully written and a wonderful throwback.