How to prepare for AP exams


Tess Meulbroek, Staff Writer

With only 18 days until the first AP Exam, figuring out how to master a year’s worth of content can be overwhelming. Though an AP score has no impact on your final transcript grade, obtaining a score, often between 3-5, can save you lots of valuable time and money in college. Here are some of the best resources to use when studying for your AP Exams:

   1. AP Review Books

Most courses have textbooks designed to prepare students for the AP Exams. They not only review the content of the class, but also show you which units have the most questions on the exam and how to strategize and manage your time better. Though there are many companies that make these books, the most reputable are The Princeton Review and Barron’s Premium Comprehensive Review which can all be ordered on Amazon. 

    2. AP Live Review Videos 

There are hour-long review sessions for each AP course designed to highlight topics from the class as well as review the different parts of the exam. They take you through practice multiple choice, essays, and free response questions. All of the 2022 live sessions are uploaded to the Advanced Placement Youtube Channel and are organized into playlists based on their course. Watching a few of these videos (especially in areas that you might need a little extra help in) is a great idea because they are specifically made by the College Board and give the most useful insight for your test-taking strategies and study plans. 

   3. AP Classroom

Though you may not use AP Classroom often throughout the course of the year, it is full of so many useful resources that, again, are specifically geared towards the layout of the exam. There are practice multiple choice which will reveal your score within minutes, Daily Videos (which are shorter than the Live Reviews, normally under 10 minutes), progress checks, and more. What’s nice about the layout of AP Classroom is that you can easily find a specific unit or topic you want to spend some more time on and just review that. 

   4. Khan Academy 

Khan Academy is a great resource regardless of whether or not you’re studying for an AP Exam. It is particularly useful when studying for math or science exams. Although they aren’t geared to prepare you for the AP tests such as timing, weight, etc., it is great for when you need to brush up on old topics or need a little extra review. Both the videos and check-ins help you understand where you are in terms of readiness for the exams. 

   5. Crash Courses 

Crash Course videos are the perfect resource for studying, especially when you are trying to quickly relearn and master the content of a year’s worth of classes. These videos, often somewhere between 10-20 minutes, quickly highlight the important parts of a topic. The downside is that they aren’t specifically made for AP review so they don’t correlate with the specific units, but they’re overall great when you are struggling with a topic or concept.