100-Word Stories: Senior Stories

Everyone has a story to tell

100-Word Stories: Senior Stories

TFS Reports

We are concluding our 100-Word Stories with Senior Stories. Thank you to all who participated in our attempt to tell 100 stories from 100 different Scouts.

Nearing 1 a.m. in Paris, Kate Johnson anxiously waited in front of her computer screen. Manifesting, she watched Ivy Day reaction videos for hours in preparation.  Unable to steady her hands, she clicked on the update in her portal. The Wi-Fi glitched, the screen went black, then her heart dropped. A couple excruciating seconds later, the acceptance loaded and the Yale fight song rang through her hotel room.  Kate let out a deafening shriek. Her parents thought she was hurt, but instead their daughter had just been accepted into her dream school, in her favorite city in the world.

It’s Paranoia season and senior Olive Duffey is 100% committed to winning. One evening she was being chased by the opposing team. She had been followed home and had no choice but to make a run for it, since she wasn’t prepared for the attack. All of a sudden she heard teammate Sophie Benjakul scream something she couldn’t quite make out. Before she knew it, she was knee deep in a mud filled pond. Thankfully, she was able to lose her opponents and made it home safely. Maybe next time she should pick a cleaner hiding spot.

Right here. This was the moment I had been waiting for. The entire team anxiously awaited the results. The room went silent. Years of swimming and being a silent leader all led up to this. “And your Captains for your 2022-23 season are Harry Moore and…”. I didn’t even care who was captain with me. I got it. I later found out it was one of my closest friends on the team. That feeling, excitement, and buildup, was unmatched, and one of the best in my high school career. I cannot wait for the season to start again next year.