Class Presidents take on first vs. second semester at LFHS


Student Body Presidents Pride Haggerty and Lainey O’Neil

Posy Connery, Staff Writer

 President Pride Haggerty and Vice President Lainey O’Neil have done a lot in their first semester to contribute to the student body and are excited for their plans for the end of the year.

Haggerty said her favorite experience from the first semester was the Homecoming Pep Rally back in September because of its “amazing turnout from the student body.”

After the two put so much work and time into planning the skits and games during the rally, they “enjoyed seeing the smiles on the students’ faces,” she said. 

O’Neil, on the other hand, found that her favorite part was more of the planning process from Homecoming. 

“It’s by far my favorite event of the school year and planning the theme, the decorations, spirit week, and leading the pep rally was super cool to be a part of,” said O’Neil.   

Haggerty and O’Neil have created a great relationship while working together on the student body. Both have nothing but positive experiences with each other and have enjoyed coming together to create the best for LFHS. 

“Working with Pride on the Student Council has been one of the best experiences I’ve had at LFHS. We collaborate really well together, and we are great friends which makes all the time we spend together so much fun,” said O’Neil. 

After finishing their first semester, they believe that this experience will be extremely beneficial to their futures as they were able to coordinate events, practice teamwork and communication, organize events, and practice leadership skills. 

Both O’Neil and Haggerty were thrilled to contribute to the Scout experience as they “learned so much from their peers, teachers, and each other.”

One of the hardest parts they faced was organizing bigger projects like the school dances, but it was also one of their favorite parts to coordinate. 

“It takes a lot of collaboration with teachers, companies, decorators, sponsors, and the student body to put on big events and to promote these events,” said O’Neil. “When the planning is over, however, and the event takes place, it’s really cool to see our planning and hard work come to life for everyone to enjoy.”

Onto the second semester, both Haggerty and O’Neil think students should be excited to see what they have planned to bring this semester.

“Seniors should definitely be looking forward to a few more successful senior breakfasts where we can spend quality time together as a class,” said Haggerty. “We would love to incorporate another class event in the second semester as well.”

The next big thing the two have been looking forward to is prom which will take place on May 6. The student body has worked hard on the creation and implication of the senior gift which both grades should all be eager to experience together this spring.

“The junior student council coordinates the event since it’s a Junior Prom,” said O’Neil. “This year it’s going to be back at a hotel venue for the first time since COVID, so it will be cool to experience a traditional Prom.” 

As the two begin to wrap up the final semester, they wanted to add even more cheerfulness to the announcements to endure students to an even better morning from their Class Presidents. 

“We love spreading positivity and school spirit on the loudspeakers. Also, something we hope to bring back are our scout-out Friday festivities,” said Haggerty. “We love when people exhibit their school spirit on Fridays and giving away rewards gives it more of an incentive.”