100 Word Story: I was a Dumb Freshman

Everyone has a story to tell

100 Word Story: I was a Dumb Freshman

TFS Staff Writers

The Forest Scout has launched a new series: 100-Word Stories. We plan to share 100  funny, poignant, memorable stories from the students, faculty, and staff of LFHS. Each story will be exactly 100 words.

This week we asked upperclassmen to talk about something dumb they did as a freshman.

Senior Helen Rinaolo was more than excited for her first high school Halloween. A group of friends, a cool costume, what could go wrong? Well, everything. The costume was a cone. Bright orange, and so restricting it didn’t allow movement. Soon, she had to take it off. Even worse, her friend “glared” at her and made her feel super insecure about it because her mom had made the costume. Thankfully, this was all in her head. Her friend never glared at her and doesn’t even remember that this happened. That stupid little thing didn’t affect their friendship at all!

When Lily Cran was at her freshman orientation, she was so nervous about getting lost in the school. She had her older brother next to her the entire time giving her extremely detailed directions on how to get to each of her classes so she wouldn’t feel embarrassed on her first day of school. “Turn left out of the classroom. Stop. Turn right. Go up two flights of stairs,” She had him call out landmarks in the hallway and tell her what staircases to use and which hallways to turn into. Her notes app became a GPS of the school.

One day freshman year, Irving Vincent Boberski IV returned home from a late night of Talent Show rehearsals. He was tired and decided to pop in his headphones and listen to some tunes. This led to him falling asleep face down on his floor. In the morning when his mother walked in to wake the wee lad up she had one simple question. “Are you on drugs?” Vince, with red eyes from his long slumber, responded “No.” His mother tried one last time to get it out of him. “Honestly are you on drugs?” and he told her “Honestly no.”

It was a normal Scout Day lunch for Brendan Arch, and he was excited to eat with new friends. He sat down at his favorite table, when, in a moment of energy, his entire 32 ounce water bottle fell off the table and onto the ground, but not before spilling all over his pants.  Scared people would think he peed his pants, he needed a solution, and fast. For the rest of the day he wore a random pair of pants that were three times too big. If only he had put the lid of his water bottle on properly!