100-Word Story: A Time I Was Saved

Everyone has a story to tell

100-Word Story: A Time I Was Saved

TFS Staff

The Forest Scout has launched a new series: 100-Word Stories. We plan to share 100  funny, poignant, memorable stories from the students, faculty, and staff of LFHS. Each story will be exactly 100 words.

This week we asked students to share a story of a time they were “saved.”

Junior Sophia Zar took Outdoor Adventures last semester and was terrified to go on the trip with classmates she did not know. She knew it would be frigid and was nervous about sleeping outside in a tent. Sophia packed the warmest socks and a plethora of layers yet shivered inside her sleeping bag. She woke up later due to the cold air only to find someone had wrapped the bottom of her sleeping bag in an extra blanket to keep her extra warm. Just like that Sophia was saved and learned that her tent mates were looking out for her.

One day, a barefoot Will Baldwin decided to take his dog for a walk. When he set Scratchy down, it darted off into the ether. He sprinted for an hour until he caught it behind a vineyard, his feet bleeding from the pursuit. He swaddled his dog in a blanket he was carrying. He sobbed until he saw what had made Scratchy bolt in the first place, another dog. He followed that dog around the vineyard, on the side of a highway, until the dog led him to the yard of a family who helped him find his way back.