Getting to know senior commons supervisor Mrs. Hektor


Photo Credits: Bentley Frost

Bentley Frost, Social Media Editor

Senior study hall teacher Laurie Hektor is easily recognizable as the  friendly face of the senior study hall teacher, but she also has tons of stories, including her role creating  The Grind.

After giving birth to her son, Hektor was a stay-at-home mom. Once her son began school, she became quite bored and wanted to get back into the  working world. She then applied for the cashier job in the school’s cafeteria.

She found herself absolutely loving it.

Everyday, Hektor would come to work ready to see all the young adults during her three-hour shift.

 “I loved getting to see the familiar faces each day,” she said. “But what I think I loved most was getting to interact with the teens, even if it was just for a little bit.” 

During this time, Hektor and her husband Fred opened up the “Uncle Mikes” chain in Kenosha, Wisconsin, which has now made its way to five locations scattered all over the state. 

Administrators asked if Hektor if she would like to take on a new project at LFHS. This project, which Hektor took up without a second breath, is now known as “The Grind.”

The iconic cafe that stands in the middle of the cafeteria became Hektors pride and joy. She supplied chicken, coffee, and donuts to the cafe for all students and staff to enjoy during passing periods and lunch hours.

 Hektor loves being able to get to know all of her students, and the Grind allowed her to do that more than she ever had before.

“That chaotic ten minute passing period, with tons of students cramming into the area, music playing, students laughing… it was really fun just to see how big the Grind became,” said Hektor. “It was wonderful, you got to know everyone.”

After a few years, Hektor applied to be a study hall teacher. She felt it was the “next step” that she needed to take in her life. She has always been known for her kind and caring nature towards her students, always going out of her way to ask how their day is going, or strike up a conversation revolving around a random fact she remembers about you. 

“Building relationships, that’s what’s most important to me,” she said. “You never know how a student is going to be feeling when they walk up those stairs, so I just like being able to be an ear for them if they want to talk, or give them advice if they need guidance. I just try my best to put a smile on their face during the day.”

Seniors spend a good portion of their day sitting in Hektor’s study hall, and she has made an impact on many of the students during the past year.

“Mrs. Hektor really just brightens my day anytime I walk into those upper commons,” said senior Matty Michael. “She’s always there to crack jokes, or chat in between classes if you want to take a seat next to her.” 

The seniors all can confide in Mrs. Hektor when the school year, college admissions, or just life gets a little overwhelming.

“Most of all, I love seeing the growth made from each student throughout the year. From the first time they step into study hall to seeing them dressed in their caps and gowns, I like being able to see them take their first step into adulthood knowing the people they’ve become,” Hektor added.