College Corner: Week 5


Bentley Frost and Luca Ferraioli

Each Week, College Corner interviews five LFHS seniors on where they’re planning to attend college next year, what influenced their decision, and what they’re most excited about.

Name: Mateo Morrone

College: University of Miami

Major: Business

Location: Coral Gables, Florida

Mascot: Hurricanes

How did you first hear about Miami?: 

“I grew up in Miami and lived there until I was about the age of 10. So it’s not so much as I heard about Miami, I kinda just grew up knowing that it was a good school very close by. Once I moved away I didn’t think about going there until I was in highschool and actually looking for colleges again.”

Why Miami?:

“Miami is a city I am very familiar with, I have lots of friends and family there, and my sister goes there. On top of that UM has a great business school and a campus that is diverse, modern, and colorful. There were many factors that pulled me towards the university of Miami and it checked off every box for me.”

What are you most excited about?:

“I am most excited about being able to return to Miami, more grown up then when I left and to be able to experience one of the coolest cities on the planet, and to live near friends and family again. Also, to not have to deal with such harsh winters.”


Name: Riley Hoskins

College: University of South Carolina

Major: Marketing

Location: Columbia, South Carolina

Mascot: Gamecock

How did you first hear about South Carolina?: 

“I first heard about South Carolina from my parents and my older brother, Richie. My family also has a family friend that is a junior at South Carolina.”

Why South Carolina?: 

“I chose the University of South Carolina because of the education I’ll be receiving there from the business school as well as the beautiful campus and atmosphere.”

What are you most excited about?:

“I am most excited about meeting new people, game days and the warm weather!”


Name: George Carter

College: Syracuse University

Major: Business management

Location: Syracuse, New York 

Mascot: The Orange

How did you first hear about Syracuse?: 

“I first heard about Syracuse from my counselor. I had heard about it previously but never really considered it until my counselor thought I would really like it. I did lots of research and visited campus. It was by far my favorite campus and in the end, it was the perfect fit for me.”

Why Syracuse?: 

“I visited Syracuse and the campus was amazing. I knew I wanted to go to a school on the east coast and I thought upstate New York was a very cool area. Syracuse also has a huge school spirit and sports, which was an important factor for me when looking for a school.”

What are you most excited about?: 

“I am looking forward to meeting new people, gaining new experiences and living in New York.” 


Name: Harper Breidenbach

College: University of Dayton

Major: Criminal Justice

Location: Dayton, Ohio

Mascot: The Flyers

How did you first hear about Dayton?:

“I heard about Dayton from a friend of mine (Katie Bradley). She said they had a good criminal justice program so I applied on a whim.”

Why Dayton?:

“I chose Dayton because of the opportunities it gave me for my major, along with how social the community is! Not to mention the campus is gorgeous.”

What are you most excited about?:

“I’m most excited about meeting new people and studying what interests me the most!”


Name: Mark Basgall

College: Tulane University

Major: Business Management and Econ

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

Mascot: Green Wave

How did you first hear about Tulane?:

“I first heard about Tulane when some of my family friends enrolled.”

Why Tulane?: 

“Honestly, I was not even too excited about Tulane at first, but when I visited I had the time of my life and it instantly turned into my dream school. Not only do they have great academics, but their student to faculty ratio is amazing at 8:1 which also attracted me. “

What are you most excited about?: 

“I am excited to start off with a fresh slate and meet new friends, but I’m most excited to learn about and immerse myself in the community of NOLA. Also, fingers crossed that the Tulane football team stays hot next year.”