The best gym for students in Lake Forest


Diego Marquez, Staff Writer

There are several gyms in Lake Forest that cater to the needs of high school students like yourself. These gyms offer a plethora of amenities, convenient locations, and low costs to suit the diverse needs of young athletes. With plenty of options to choose from, it may be hard to decide which is the best gym for you. 

Lake Forest Fitness Center is one of the many popular gyms in Lake Forest. This gym is strategically located in the heart of Lake Forest by the hospital, making it an easily accessible option for high school students. The gym boasts an array of amenities such as cardio equipment, free weights, and group fitness classes. Furthermore, the gym is equipped with three state-of-the-art racquetball courts, which offer a great opportunity  for high schoolers to stay active and improve their game of squash. The Lake Forest Fitness Center also offers personal training, which is an excellent way for high schoolers to learn about proper exercise technique.

“It really is a good option for anyone who wants to start committing themselves to a gym and you cannot beat the location or the price for what you get,” senior Jack Rosenberg said. In terms of cost, a membership to the Lake Forest Fitness Center is reasonably priced at a student rate of $360 a year, making it a cost-effective option for high school students.

Another great option for high school students is Lifetime Gym in Vernon Hills. This gym is a slightly longer drive from Lake Forest in comparison to the Fitness Center, but it’s a great option for students who enjoy staying active. Lifetime Gym offers an impressive range of amenities, including cardio equipment, free weights, group fitness classes, and a swimming pool. The gym also has dedicated basketball courts and a towering rock-climbing wall, providing a fun and engaging way for high school students to workout. Additionally, Lifetime Gym offers a variety of youth programs, such as sports teams and martial arts classes, which can be a great way for high school students to learn new skills and meet new friends in the area. 

“Lifetime truly is a great place for anyone. There are so many activities to fit everyone’s goals and the commercial district filled with plenty of food options nearby makes it very convenient for workout-recovery,” senior Robert Montanez said. The cost for a membership to Lifetime Vernon Hills from $130-170 per month, which is more expensive than the Lake Forest Fitness Center, but the added amenities may be worth the extra cost.

Lastly, is Anytime Fitness’s location in Lake Bluff. The membership fee for students is at $35 a month, which is very much worth it for the well established range of essential amenities that come with it. One of the biggest perks of Anytime Fitness is its prime location. It’s situated on the corner of Route 43 and 176, which makes it super accessible for high schoolers to workout before or after school, or even during lunch break. They’ve got all the cardio machines you could want, such as treadmills, ellipticals, and stationary bikes, as well as a solid weight training area. Plus, they have a bunch of group fitness

The Lake Forest Fitness Center, Lifetime Vernon Hills, and Anytime Fitness are all great options for high schoolers, each offering a range of amenities, locations, and costs to suit the varying needs of young athletes. However, If you would like to incorporate rock climbing, swimming, or squash into your workout, It is important to weigh your options and create a program for you in order to find the best fit for you. 

For me, Lifetime Vernon Hills is the ideal choice for Lake Forest High School students. Anyone can pursue their goals in any activity thanks to the amenities, and their membership package, in my opinion, offers the best value out of all the gyms nearby. Near us, there really isn’t anywhere else with a three-story rock climbing area. Not to mention, depending on the type of membership you get, you could gain access to any Lifetime in the country with your membership which truly adds that extra touch of luxury.

There are numerous gyms in Lake Forest that can accommodate all high school students. However, Lifetime Vernon Hills tops the list of local gyms for membership. I’ve never heard of anyone being dissatisfied with their experience at Lifetime, and I can’t imagine how it could possibly not cater to one’s gym desires.