The Dish: The Peanut Gallery

Shep Graf and Will Atzeff

Shep Graf and Will Atzeff bring back The Dish by reviewing The Peanut Gallery in downtown Lake Forest. Read their full review below.

The Peanut Gallery in downtown Lake Forest is a great place to get a casual burger. After moving from their first shop in downtown Lake Forest, the burger shop relocated to a new spot on Western Ave. The new space has allowed for more for seating.

Atmosphere Rating: 8.6

The atmosphere is what you are looking for in a good burger spot. When you walk in you are greeted with their ice cream selection. As you continue walking through the restaurant you can see them making your food right in front of you. Once you order you can either sit upstairs or in the basement where there are many old school video and board games available for guests to play.

Service Rating: 8.9

The overall service at the peanut gallery is great. When we walked it we were greeted with a nice “hello”. The food was immediately brought to our table, and it is on you to throw out your paper and trash and then return the tray.

Quality Rating: 9.1

When you walk into the restaurant you are greeted by big tubs of high quality ice cream. The quality continues with the food off of the grill. With hand cut french fries and smash burgers, the food is super tasty. However, the food can be slightly greasy, and that can catch up to you.

Overall: 9.0