College Corner: Week 2


Bentley Frost and Luca Ferraioli

Each Week, College Corner interviews five LFHS seniors on where they’re planning to attend college next year, what influenced their decision, and what they’re most excited about.


Name: Caroline Lee

College: Boston College

Major: Finance

Location: Newton, Massachusetts

Mascot: Baldwin the Eagle

How did you first hear about Boston College, and what made you apply?:

“I heard about it from my parents who both went to BC! I have also spent tons of time on the east coast growing up and knew I wanted to end up in Boston because of that.”

Why Boston College?:

“I have always loved visiting Boston and loved the campus. It’s a perfect location so close to the city and everyone I talked to while there was so kind and welcoming.”

What are you most excited about?:

“Meeting new people and living in a new area, also all the sporting events!”



Name: Matt Durburg 

College: University of Colorado Boulder  

Major: Pre-Business 

Location: Boulder, Colorado 

Mascot: Ralphie the Buffalo 

How did you first hear about Boulder, and what made you apply?: 

“Both of my two older brothers went to Boulder & had the best experience which made me want to apply.” 

Why Boulder?: 

“The location of Boulder is super appealing to me because I have been going to Colorado my whole life and I love being in the mountains.” 

What are you most excited about?:

“I am most excited to go snowboarding around all the various mountains near Boulder.”



Name: Lily Rappel

College: Clemson University

Major: Economics

Location: Clemson, South Carolina

Mascot: The Tiger

How did you first hear about Clemson, and what made you apply?:

I had heard about Clemson from students that already went there and loved it! Once I visited, I knew I wanted to apply there.”

Why Clemson?:

After visiting, I fell in love with it. The campus was so pretty and I liked the size of the school. Clemson has a great social life and everyone there was so welcoming. They also have a great business program for my major.”

What are you most excited about?:

“I’m most excited about meeting new people and going to sporting events, especially football games. I am also looking forward to rushing in the fall!” 



Name: Louisa Back

College: Princeton University

Major: Public Policy Analysis

Location: Princeton, New Jersey

Mascot: The Tiger

How did you first hear about Princeton, and what made you apply?:

“One of the first times I heard about Princeton was in A Cinderella Story with Hilary Duff. Right off the bat, the school was a dream. I applied because every time I thought about being a student there, I would get excited about the next four years. When I visited, I loved the dedication the students showed to their work and how they learned from one another.” 

Why Princeton?:

“Aside from its perfect size and beautiful campus, Princeton is super focused on their undergrads, which is a hard thing to find. There’s also a campus culture of work hard, play hard, which I love because I want to get the most out of college both academically and socially.”

What are you most excited about?:

“I’m excited to meet people who are all passionate about their work and their futures. I’m also very intrigued by all these Princeton traditions I keep hearing about…”



Name: Alex Giangiorgi

College: Rice University

Major: Undecided

Location: Houston, Texas

Mascot: The Owls

How did you first hear about Rice, and what made you apply?:

I’ve known about Rice since I was very young. My parents met at Rice and my mom grew up in Houston, my sister also currently is a junior there. [I applied because] Rice not only has high-level programs in fields that I’m interested in such as chemical and material sciences and economics but also gives students the liberty to switch in and out of programs relatively freely. Which is reassuring for any student who might be undecided on their major.”

Why Rice?:

“I knew I wanted to make the commitment to Rice for the Early Decision application because of the people I’ve met surrounding Rice.  Talking to my sister’s suitemates, reaching out to members of the club soccer team, and meeting my parents’ alumni friends, I was consistently moved by how humble and eager all these intelligent people were to take the time to chat with me. Of course, many of them steered me towards applying to Rice, but they all had a level of genuineness and interesting character that I would hope to foster for myself and the people around me in the future.”

What are you most excited about?:

“I’m excited to get my freshman year underway and really start working on that next chapter of my life. I don’t plan to reinvent myself or go crazy with independence – but I’m aware of the massive amount of opportunity, enjoyment, and support I will find at Rice.”