Scout Hockey’s captain Robert Medica and his hockey journey

Photo courtesy of Joel Lerner

Photo courtesy of Joel Lerner

Diego Marquez, Staff Writer

Hockey can be a very competitive sport where standing out from the competition requires a tremendous amount of talent and commitment. Robert Medica, a member of the hockey team for the Lake Forest Scouts, is one such athlete. 

At the age of three, Medica encountered an ice rink for the first time. At the age of six, he began playing hockey, which he has continued to play through middle school and into his senior year of high school. His dedication to the sport was evident from an early age, as he was always the first to arrive at practice and the last to leave. Constantly looking for ways to improve, whether on or off the ice, and he took advantage of any opportunity to practice.

Medica played for the Falcons in Highland Park starting in elementary school. Falcons was a massive commitment that required him to compete in tournaments every couple weekends. Even though he occasionally felt exhausted, he kept playing, which allowed him to make a ton of wonderful memories and gave him the experience he needed to excel in high school hockey.

Photo courtesy of Joel Lerner

His commitment to the sport paid off, as he quickly became one of the best players on his high school team. He was named first team All State, All Star MVP for two years in a row, and was recently named SHL (Scholastic Hockey League) All Star, putting him at his Center position against the CCHL (Chicago Catholic Hockey League) at the Allstate Arena.

On the ice, hockey requires skill, speed, and the ability to think quickly. For those looking to improve their skills and overall performance, Medica believes that watching college hockey and playing with fluidity are two crucial steps in improving your game.

“When watching college hockey, it’s important to note the strategies and techniques used by players at the highest level. Look for patterns in their play, such as how they create passing lanes and move the puck up the ice,” said Medica “Observe how they move their feet, pivot, and take shots. Pay attention to how they defend against opposing players and control the puck.”

His advice is invaluable when examining college hockey, as it can help players absorb the team’s tactics and strategies and give you the knowledge to replicate them on the ice. Noting the various plays, when and how they were used, and their success can help players remember what works best and how to apply it to your own game.

“Having the right attitude is another important aspect of playing with fluidity. Have faith in your abilities and don’t be afraid to take chances,” said Medica. “Experiment with various moves and techniques, and be prepared to make mistakes. These mistakes will eventually turn into your strongest skills with practice.”

With 13 goals and 5 assists this season alone, Medica exemplifies the dedication and commitment required to succeed in any endeavor, not just hockey. His tenacity and hard work have led to his success, and aspiring hockey players can learn a lot from his experiences. His enthusiasm for the sport, as well as his dedication to the Lake Forest Scouts, is a testament to his drive and determination, and it shows that anything is possible with the right attitude and effort.