College Corner: Week 1


Bentley Frost and Luca Ferraioli

Each Week, College Corner interviews five LFHS seniors on where they’re planning to attend college next year, what influenced their decision, and what they’re most excited about.

Name: Austin Rice 

College: Bucknell University 

Major: Undecided

Location: Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

Mascot: Bucky the Bison

How did you first hear about Bucknell, and what made you apply?: 

“I first heard about Bucknell through online searches and working with my counselor. After doing research about the school I decided that I was very interested in Bucknell. I took a trip to visit, and ultimately decided that I wanted to further my education at Bucknell.”

Why Bucknell?: 

“I knew that I wanted to go to school out east and Bucknell was a great option because of its location. In my opinion Bucknell is a great size, it’s not too big, but it’s also not too small. Along with this, the Bucknell campus is beautiful.”

What are you most excited about?: 

“I am excited to begin a new chapter in my life. I especially look forward to meeting new people, and pursuing a future career. I am very excited to be doing all of this at Bucknell.”


Name: Savvy Smothers

College: Texas Christian University

Major: Health Sciences

Location: Fort Worth Texas

Mascot: Horned Frogs

How did you first hear about TCU, and what made you apply?:

“I first heard about TCU by seeing the seniors from previous years commit there, and I applied there because I visited the campus earlier and felt that it checked all the boxes of a school that I wanted. No other school had such a pretty campus, people who I can see myself being friends with with a great social life.”

Why TCU?:

“TCU was my top choice because the size of the school is perfect for my academic wishes, it’s not too overwhelmingly big.”

What are you most excited about?:

 “I’m so excited for the sporting events like baseball and football that I can go to for free. I can’t wait to rush and find my group of people as well.”



Name: Viola Swartout

College: Wake Forest University

Major: Accounting and Finance

Location: Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Mascot: Demon Deacons

How did you first hear about Wake Forest, and what made you apply?:

“I first heard about Wake Forest through the movie The 5th Quarter. Flash forward a decade and my brother is currently enrolled, and when I went to visit him I knew right away that it was the school for me.”

Why Wake?:

“I instantly fell in love with the campus, the emerald quad and the red brick buildings were my ideal settings. I also wanted all four seasons without being miserably cold in the winter. Wake Forest really had everything I wanted in a new home.”

What are you most excited about?:

“I am most excited about having a fresh start and getting to meet new people. I’m also excited for the independence that comes with living on your own.”


Name: Winston Thuente

College: College of Charleston

Major: Finance

Location: Charleston, South Carolina

Mascot: Clyde the Cougar

How did you first hear about Charleston, and what made you apply?:

“My college counselor recommended it to me when I told her I was looking at schools in South Carolina, and it fit my want of a warm school that wasn’t over 10,000 students and had a good business program.”

Why Charleston?:

“When I visited in October, I was looking at schools all over South Carolina  and none of them really fit with what I was looking for but the moment I got to Charleston I felt like that was the place I should be.”

What are you most excited about?:

“I’m really excited to be living in a new area, meeting new friends, and rushing this fall.”  


Name: Piper Rother

College: Tulane University

Major: Political Science 

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana 

Mascot: Green Wave 

How did you first hear about Tulane, and what made you apply?:

“I first heard about Tulane from students that had already gone there and had loved it! I also met someone on a service trip in Peru who is now one of my really good friends… but she lives in New Orleans and her mom works at Tulane so I got to learn a lot more about the school from her.

Why Tulane?:

“I know everyone says this but when I visited it just felt like that was where I was meant to be. It had everything I wanted in a school and a city. I have always loved NOLA and no other school I visited compared.”

What are you most excited about?:

“I am really excited to meet new people and explore the culture and city of NOLA!”