Artist Expressions: Giselle Kowalow


Lakshmi Ojha, In Culture Editor

Artist Expressions is a monthly in-depth interview with different art students who are pursuing a variety of art classes and artistic endeavors. The interviews hope to highlight their work, current projects, and future artist plans. 

Senior Giselle is an AP 2-D Art and Design student who works in a wide variety of mediums but hopes to further pursue a career in fashion.

What is exciting you the most about art right now?

“Something that is exciting about art right now is the creativity I am allowed to put into each of my pieces. I love working and trying out different mediums so the flexibility that AP art is giving me is a really special experience.”

Do you hope to pursue a career in art?

“I have always dreamt of doing something related to fashion, but my sophomore year of high school was when I decided that I want to major in it. I was debating between fashion business and fashion design…Fashion is the most contemporary form of art for me because it lives within people and it lives in the street. It is why fashion is so powerful and inspirational for so many people”

How do you plan to continue your artistic career after high school?

“ I actually just committed to a fashion design school in Florence, Italy called Polimoda…I did their two-week introductory course last summer so I already feel very comfortable with the school and the teachers. In the future, I hope to start my own clothing line as well as learn more about the fashion culture in general.”

What is something that has surprised you about AP Art so far this year?

“One thing that has surprised me is how close our group is. There are eight students, including myself who share valuable feedback and love watching each other grow as artists.  I’m really glad I get to spend the rest of my senior year with them and hopefully form closer friendships with each and every one of them.”

What has your biggest struggle been in AP Art so far this year?

“I think my biggest struggle has been how much time we have for each project to be done. Especially with the stress of college applications, I found myself struggling to finish my pieces in time.”

What got you into art, how young were you when you started?

“Many of my family members are really into art, so growing up I would always be around people who are very creative and I wanted to do that myself. I don’t even remember how young I was, but I always found myself messing around with anything I could get my hands on.”

Who is your biggest inspiration as an artist?

“My mom is my biggest inspiration because she is a very driven and talented person. She also majored in fashion design and when she moved to America from Poland, she opened up her own art gallery down in West Loop Chicago.”

If you could explore any medium, what would it be?

“Other than textile work…I love working with cyanotypes. The way that cyanotypes are created is fascinating itself but the final product blows me away each time. They are created by putting a mixture of chemicals on a sheet of paper and then printing a photo or drawing on a translucent sheet, then exposing it in the darkroom for about 20 minutes. When washing the paper out with hydrogen peroxide, an exact replica of the picture shows up in cyan-blue and white colors. In the future, I hope to learn all the different ways that they can be used and created. “