Students Demand Action chapter opens for LFHS students


Sophia Zar

Students Demand Action members

Chloe York, Staff Writer

There is no doubt that the Highland Park Shooting and the shooting threats at LFHS will forever have an impact on every member of the community, from students, to teachers, to parents. 

The alarming statistics about rising gun violence are beginning to hit too close to home for comfort. This leaves many community members questioning what we can do to curb the rise of gun violence? 

“I’d see myself and others posting on social media about gun violence, but no one took any steps beyond that. Students Demand Action gives us that platform to educate others on how to effectively be involved in the fight against gun violence” senior Alia Attar, co-leader of Lake Forest + Lake Bluff Students Demand Action said. 

Last Monday, Nov. 28 was the first SDA meeting and it showed a greatly promising turnout full of students who realize that they are at the forefront of this issue and want to see change. 

“I decided to join [SDA] because I think it’s an important cause and I really wanted to get exposure with the issue at hand, especially because of what happened with the bullet at our school,” Junior Qeti Endeladze said. 

SDA, founded and run by senior Alia Attar and junior Sophia Zar, provides an outlet for students to channel energy and passion into the fight against gun violence on a national scale. The club provides a safe space for all students to speak and share opinions on this sensitive topic free of judgment. 

“There have been so many instances where I as a student have felt helpless and hopeless in the fight against gun violence, especially when these instances are so close to home,” Attar said. “Whether it was the Highland Park July 4th shooting to the recent incidents just in our library, they made me realize that there isn’t really any place to have conversations about gun violence prevention.” 

By joining this club, more people can find out ways that they can utilize their voices to the best of their ability. 

Script for calling Senators (Sophia Zar)

One way is by giving a call to Illinois senators to stand for their beliefs on certain topics having to do with the prevention of gun violence. 

Script for calling Senators: Photo Courtesy of Sophia Zar

Both Attar and Zar stress that this club is for everybody, and its purpose is to give every member a voice in an issue that many feel so helpless in. 

“I joined SDA because I’ve always been passionate about the fight to end gun violence, however, I haven’t been sure how to get involved. SDA is unlike any other traditional “club” because without the restrictions of a high school club, it gives us the reins in the fight that is killing our generation—and its impact emphasizes the power of our generation,” junior Amani Yousuf and member of SDA said.

Given this club is not affiliated with the school, SDA is given freedom to do what they need in the fight against gun violence, without being restrained by the rules of the school. This gives the club a louder voice and can lead to a greater community impact.

This Thursday, Dec. 8 a fundraiser is taking place at all Valentina locations. 10% of money made from any purchase will be donated to Moms Demand Action, a club who is working in partnership with SDA to better broaden the outreach. 

Whatever is made from that 10% will be matched and donated by the Scott Family Foundation. The same fundraiser will also be taking place at Penny’s From Heaven, right across the street. 

It’s just one way to make a difference. 

More fundraisers and events will be taking place throughout the duration of the year. 

SDA is a club that is making a difference in the community. By opening up the conversation, the solution starts to get talked about. SDA provides an outlet for discussion. 

There is more information @lakeforeststudentsdemandaction on Instagram.