Jason Schacher aims for redemption during wrestling season

Jason Schacher aims for redemption during wrestling season

Fitz Diefenbach and Diego Marquez

Varsity wrestling member Jason Schacher has had tremendous success in the sport. Schacher started his wrestling career freshman year as soon as he entered high school. Most wrestlers in high school start their wrestling careers as early as 5th grade, which provides a sizable advantage over the wrestlers who start in high school. However, Schacher did not let that deter him. He quickly overcame the learning curve and the head start many wrestlers had on him. 

“As a child, I did martial arts which is similar to wrestling, and some of my friends who joined told me to give it a try, so I did,” Schacher said.

After joining the team, he became infatuated with the sport as practices carried on every single day. As tournaments and matches started being scheduled, Schacher was excited to have the opportunity to compete in this extremely strategic sport. It’s undeniable that he’s a natural at wrestling, made obvious by his impeccable performance on the mat. 

“My favorite thing about wrestling is probably the matches/tournaments because there’s no better feeling than winning a match, especially home matches under the spotlight with fans,” Schacher said.

Being in a sport where others have more experience than you is difficult as you could imagine, but Schacher took on that challenge and excelled.  Schacher placed top five at county last year and was named an all-county wrestler.  He looks to repeat his success and go beyond this season. 

“I’d say the biggest challenge I have faced in wrestling is competing against guys who have been wrestling for way longer than I have or coming back to the sport after tearing my elbow in a match,” Schacher said.

Schacher has come a long way since his freshman year.  From picking up the sport years later than most of his opponents and tearing his elbow last season, he has overcome a tremendous amount of challenge.  Even then, he still was awarded as an all-county wrestler.  Since tearing his elbow last season right before regionals Schacher is anxious to get back on the mat and redeem himself for his senior year.