Why Wordle is the best way to take a break in your day

Why Wordle is the best way to take a break in your day

Jack Carrabine, Staff Writer

In recent months, a simplistic yet puzzling game has been surging through students’ and staff’s phones, tablets, and computers in LFHS. Wordle. 

It’s a straightforward concept, you have six attempts to guess a five-letter word. With a new randomly generated word each day, you never know what you will expect.

If it is either a generic word that you use throughout your everyday life or a seemingly impossible word that you have never heard before, Wordle has brought a challenge to millions of people and many within LFHS.

Many benefits arise from doing the Wordle each day. Playing the puzzling game allows for a 5-10 minute break from a student’s and staff’s busy and stressful day. Completing Wordle gives a sense of gratification and motivation to those doing it and can help them be more productive.

“I usually do the Wordle during the morning. This is also coincidentally when my classes are slow,” said senior Issac Martinez.  

Many students shared similar opinions on when they completed the puzzle. 

Senior Brady Goodman said, “I do it as a little way to distract myself during the day, and is typically when I am in a boring class.” 

Even teachers are getting into the action of Wordle.  Mr. Wanninger being one of them said,

“I almost always play Wordle first thing in the morning after my alarm has gone off and I’m still lying in bed,” said English teacher Mr. Wanninger. 

 Students and staff complete the Wordle at different times of the day, however, they must finish the puzzle before 12 am when the Wordle resets and a new word is put into place.

Other than just accomplishing the word for the day isn’t enough for some of the students and staff in LFHS. A sense of a friendly game can be seen when finishing the Wordle before the maximum allowed attempts.

“I play with two other English teachers on a text chain, and we play sort of like golf, where four turns are par,” said Wanninger. “So we obviously always want to try to get it in fewer turns, but we are not competitive about it.” 

This can also be seen as a self-challenge trying to finish within six attempts. Both Goodman and senior Kareem Alsikafi said that they look “to get the Wordle in three or four tries”, some days the word is more puzzling than others, and are lucky to get it by the sixth try.

When doing the Wordle both Alsikafi and Martinez said that they felt that Wordle has deepened their vocabulary by coming across words that they do not know at first. Along with Mr.Wanninger saying how “it makes me think about words and letter combinations”. 

Nevertheless, everyone who was interviewed expressed the same belief that the reason why they do the Wordle each day is that it is a fun, quick, and challenging brain game to do once a day. 

This is why I believe that everyone should spend five minutes of their day playing the fun puzzling game of Wordle.