Safety and Security Advisory Committee plans to relaunch


Jack Taylor

Cards were distributed to students during lunch periods on Tuesday.

Caroline Gerber, Staff Writer

After a two year pause due to Covid-19, the administration is relaunching the Safety and Security Advisory Committee; however, they are struggling to find enough volunteers.

Formed in 2019 by Director of Safety and Security Mr. Lane Linder, the Safety and Security Advisory Committee was composed of parents, staff members, and students that met quarterly to offer their input regarding problems facing the school’s security.

Now that school life has returned to its prior procedures without the hindrance of temporary Covid policies, the committee is set to return. 

On Nov. 11, an email was sent out requesting that individuals volunteer for the committee. The email stated that the group would be composed of five students, five parents, and five teachers.

However, the opportunity to participate in the Safety and Security Advisory Committee has not prompted many willing volunteers. As of Nov. 30, only two students, three parents, and one staff member have volunteered.

“We’re just going to have to proceed with who we have,” said Mr. Linder, “but I’m hopeful that maybe I can get more students and staff members that want to participate.”

This lack of participation may stem from a lack of awareness regarding the email and the creation of such a group. When 20 students were asked if they had heard that a Safety and Security Advisory Committee was being commissioned, a staggering 19 out of the 20 said they had not heard of it.

However, after these students were informed of the idea, many viewed it as a positive addition to the school’s security program.

“I think that students being given the ability to give input in this way is good because we [as students] are mainly affected by the safety and security policies of the school, not just the adults,” said junior Kaylie Jaster.

Along with planning to re-establish the Safety and Security Advisory Committee, the administration has enacted stricter security measures this year, such as closing the campus during the school day so people can’t use the track at the same time as wellness students.

In addition, school administrative members distributed cards that illustrate safety protocols and discussed emergency procedures with students during lunch periods on Tuesday.

“In general, anywhere you go people need to be prepared,” Mr. Linder said. “With what happened in Highland Park and every time we see an act of violence on the TV, we are thinking about what responsibility we have to our students and to our families to inform them how to respond.”

Mr. Linder said that he hopes to create a comprehensive video to inform students about the proper “run, hide, defend” emergency response. This video would involve the collaboration of the school’s students, staff members, and police department and would be viewed by students schoolwide.

“I’m glad that the school is working hard to inform students,” said junior Julia Liebelt. “I think that everyone should know what to do in an emergency so that they are prepared instead of helpless if a dangerous situation were to occur.”