100-Word Stories: Cringe-worthy Outfits

Everyone has a story to tell

TFS Staff

The Forest Scout is kicking off a new series: 100-Word Stories. Over the course of the rest of the year, we will share 100  funny, poignant, memorable stories from the students, faculty, and staff of LFHS. Each story will be exactly 100 words.

This week, we asked students to share some embarrassing outfits that should should have stayed in the closet.

Rylan Stark

It is the spring of 2012 and 1st grade Rylan Stark is feeling like a million bucks on the way to the park.  She is rocking her new sunglasses she got at the Lake Forest Days Parade. Her hair is pulled back with her hot pink Ivviva headband on, which like most 1st grade girls at this time, is basically glued to her head. She has a blue and purple galaxy windbreaker from Costco and blue shorts from Khols, the perfect spring combo. To wrap it all together, she has on her go-to-park shoes: black hand-me down Toms. (Written by Piper Rother)

Bianca Storino

Circa 2018, junior Bianca Storino took to Tumblr and Forever 21 for fashion inspiration. “I thought I ATE…” said Storino. If you want to rock these jeans, you can find them at Forever 21. Despite being mustard yellow and having a quite grungy font, the sweatshirt reads “preppy.” The faux fur jacket from Charlotte Russe adds a touch of class to the outfit. The backwards hat from a gas station, athletic socks with no shoes, and fake “nerd glasses” were perfect accessories for the look. To make this canopy photoshoot even better, Bianca had her dad snap this iconic shot. (Written by Elsa Dahlgren)

Danielle Moore

Halloween in 2nd Grade. The biggest deal ever. Danielle had DIY-ed the perfect costume: Marty from Madagascar. She was obsessed with Marty and excited to show off her spray-painted jumpsuit, paired with a neon pink and orange jacket. The rainbow afro was the cherry on top. She proudly strutted down the halls of Sheridan School, rainbow wig bouncing up and down, and into her class’s Halloween Party, where she was obviously the star of the show. To this day, she is very disappointed in her parents for letting her leave the house like this, but she clearly rocked the costume. (Written by Chloe York)

Liz Laughton

For five years, Liz Laughton would attend a “Pioneer Life Summer Day Camp” with her cousin. She really enjoyed the camp–except that on her last day, she had to dress up in an old-timey outfit. Looking back, she can’t help but cringe. Like, a lot. The bonnet barely fit on her head. The pink and blue striped and frilled shirt makes her look like “cotton candy.” The white apron had so many stains on it that she doesn’t know why she wore it. You can count on the fact that you’ll never see Liz wear an outfit like this again.  (Written by Sofia Davis

Matty Michael

Fashion has experienced better days than our freshman year attires and sometimes leaving a look in the past; even if it’s iconic, it might be for the best. Here is Matty Michael (senior) but this picture was captured her freshman year. Light blue jean skirt mixed with a brandy melville shoulderless cutoff. The cherry on top, a white bralet. Matty pulled off the look better than any freshman around but this iconic freshman fit was worn to just about every birthday dinner banquet or outing possible. Paired with the white brick background was the perfect instagram post for 2019. (written by Lexi Berrettini)