The Chicago Bears’ future may be brighter than you think


Dennis Hickey, Staff Writer

Despite the Bears loss in New York, their future may be much brighter than their avid fans suppose.

 With their three and eight record the Chicago Bears are completely out of the playoffs and are just playing for pride. But Bears fans shouldn’t lose long term hope.

With an average age of just 25 years old, the Bears team is predominantly younger than most other NFL teams. With core young players like star quarterback from the 2021 draft class Justin Fields and Jaquan Brisker star safety from the 2022 draft class, the Bears have leaders on both sides of the ball.

Justin Fields dominated high school football, leading his team with almost 5,000 passing yards his high school career. Fields left high school a five star recruit and didn’t slow down when he hit college, leading his team to a rose bowl and even a national championship. 

Fields started his first year slow but has shown signs of a star quarterback this second year. Fields broke the single game quarterback rushing record in the NFL and broke the Bears longest quarterback rushing record.   

And on the other side of the field is Jaquan Brisker, a young talented hard hitting safety who has already shown signs that he could lead a defense. With three  sacks, an interception and a forced fumble this rookie has really put his name out there. 

The Bears young quarterback is the not only excited part about their future, they have the most cap space in the NFL with 125 million, 50 million more than any other team in the NFL. 

They have the potential to have one of the biggest off-seasons in the NFL bringing young players like Fields and Brisker more weapons to have by their side. 

With a new General Manager and Head Coach, you could see a whole new Chicago Bears next season, and hopefully a football team whose season doesn’t end in January.