Therapy Dog at LFHS? I think so!


Izzy Kipp, Staff Writer

I have a very good friend who goes to Carmel Catholic High School and she has told me all about Corey the Corsair, the therapy dog that the principal got back in the spring. I mean, imagine seeing a cute fluffy dog walking down the school hallways. I think seeing a dog roaming in the halls with Dr. Lenart would put a smile on many students at LFHS. 

There are studies that show how beneficial a therapy dog could be in a school environment. I think that LFHS would be a loving, welcoming environment for a therapy dog. 

Senior Elena Ashley at Carmel says that Corey has never failed to bring a smile to her and other students.

“Having a therapy dog at Carmel has been absolutely amazing! Whenever Corey is around, it feels as if people have grown more energetic instead of being tired and stressed over school work,” Elena explains.

She usually sees Corey in the hallways about two to three times a week. He spends the majority of his time in the lunchroom or lounge areas where most students hang out during the day. She says that having a cute fluffy dog that gives you serotonin is better than not having something that can make your day every day.

Elena arguably says, “I mean, imagine seeing a cute fluffy dog walking down the hallways at school!” 

Photo courtesy of Carmel Catholic High School Principal Jason Huther

Junior study hall teacher Mrs. Neal imagines the benefits of having a therapy dog.

“Wouldn’t a LFHS therapy dog be amazing? Neal exclaims. “Just petting that soft fur of a dog can turn me into a happy state of mush and I think that it would do the same for the students at LFHS. When I see a dog I take a deep breath in, exhale an “Awwww” and smile.”

Dr. Erin Lenart, the principal, has explored the opportunity to have a therapy dog at LFHS and the school is currently looking into appropriate liability insurance to do so. 

“Dogs are a great resource for people who need extra support, and we would be excited to support this!” said Lenart. 

I can already imagine a therapy dog named Scout roaming in the halls at LFHS!