Talent show hosts upcoming emcee auditions


Tess Meulbroek and Lindsey Kozel

Though the LFHS Talent Show is always full of so many incredible acts, the emcees are arguably the most important part of the event. From introducing each act to creating humorous skits to break up the evening, they are the glue that holds the whole show together. 

This year’s 80 ’s-themed performance is right around the corner. The Talent Show committee is searching for the most rad emcee(s) to bring the 2023 event to life.

The only application requirements are filling out a Google Form that can be found on the Schoology home page and attending one of the audition slots on Tuesday, Nov. 29 in the RMA. 

During the audition, students are asked to come prepared with around 5 ideas for skits that would be performed in between acts. Talent Show Supervisor Mr. Corey Holmer advises thinking “SNL or any skit show like that.”

In the past, emcees have stolen the show. Holmer mentions how 2018 emcees Renee Ye, Alex Ortiz, and Andrew Walther stood out to him because they “had a vision and took charge,” which is a quality the committee is looking for. 

“They made the show, their show,” Holmer said. 

Even through the challenges of the pandemic, Holmer also mentions that emcees Cole Joseph and Pierce Docherty didn’t let that stop them from “making the show everything they possibly could.” 

The role of emcees is to break up the evening, bring comedy into the show and overall make it a cohesive event.

They should also know that their job starts as soon as they’re selected. 

“Being the emcee makes you the face of the talent show, that means you have to be open to do anything and be willing to go around promoting the event,” said Talent Show Director Henry Thomas. 

Outside of the performances, emcees will work with the New Media team to put together promotional and introduction videos to the show. Additionally, they are asked to be there during some of the talent show rehearsals that run throughout February to get a feel for the show, plan transitions between acts, and overall be a part of the talent show family. 

“We just want them to be positive, supportive members of the show… and feel confident to make it the best it can be,” Holmer said.

If you’re interested in auditioning for the role of Talent Show emcee, check out the Google Form on Schoology and be ready for the big audition on the 29th.