Bathroom changes necessary


Alexandra Mower, Staff Writer

It’s time we all talk about the elephant in the room: the school bathrooms. I think everyone can second that the school bathrooms are completely disgusting. I can’t count on my fingers how many times I’ve walked into a stall and it’s been completely clogged up to the brim. This is an everyday occurrence and it needs to be stopped.

I’ve been inside the high school ever since I was little, and the bathrooms look the exact same. The only change is a Dyson hand dryer which honestly is completely unnecessary 

The stench in those bathrooms is completely pungent, and sometimes I walk straight out because it’s so disgusting. ”

I walked into a bathroom the other day just to wash my hands. I walked up to the first sink, and I looked down at my feet, soaking in half an inch of water. That was definitely not a great start to my day. I honestly don’t know how I don’t have it memorized which bathrooms flood like that. There are probably three girls’ bathrooms that are flooded every day, and they don’t change; they have been like this for the entire year and I honestly don’t think the school cares to do anything about it.

Every time I tell a teacher about it, they always say, “It’s just the students.” I agree with that, but we should put our school money towards new plumbing and toilets rather than a new driveway. Our toilets are clearly old if they are clogging up this quickly.

Also, the stench in those bathrooms is completely pungent, and sometimes I walk straight out because it’s so disgusting. 

Every time I walk out of the stall, the paper towel rolls are always broken and there are paper towels everywhere.

The sinks are awful- where is the water pressure? Barely any water comes out of the faucets and it makes washing your hands two times longer than it should.

I think every student should learn how to flush the toilet; I don’t think that should be too hard, but that might not be the problem. We have a very nice school that receives a lot of money each year. I don’t think it would be a bad idea to improve our bathrooms.

The school did add toilets that flush automatically, but sometimes they don’t even work. I mean that’s another waste of money. All of these toilets are constantly clogged and that just puts more work on the custodians as if they don’t already do enough for our school.

Ultimately, speaking for the girls, we need a change in the bathrooms. Passing periods are only five minutes and just one working toilet can cause us a tardy.