The Junior Varsity and Varsity Cheerleading winter season starts up again


Izzy Kipp, Staff Writer

This year Varsity Cheer Coach Debbie Vargas is mostly focusing on a full team tumbling and elite level stunt skills in the routine to maximize the scoresheet. There are 15 members on the varsity team led by captains senior Shea Walsh, junior Lissy Blume, and sophomore Ally Lucania.

After hours and hours of tryouts, all the participants eagerly waited to see if they made the cheerleading team.

“Tryouts were fun but it was different this year,” senior Juliana Brunetti says. “We did tryouts over two days only instead of the two days of clinics.” Brunetti says that she is most looking forward to making it to day two at State.

Coach Vargas is preparing the team for state by really pushing all her athletes to maintain focus and make sure everyone knows the routine as perfectly as possible.

“In our practices, we will focus on isolating elements of the routine to ensure we have excellent technique,” Coach Vargas said. 

Vargas is going to be doing multiple full outs of the routine so the athletes can build up some team endurance in order to make a challenging, action packed routine look effortless and entertaining on the mat. 

Junior Varsity Coach Kristin Gregory is mostly focusing on a clean routine. She will upgrade stunts and skills throughout the season as the team improves. So far in the season, Gregory has been focusing on jump, tumbling, and stunt skills as well as learning basketball sideline cheers. 

There are a total of 15 members on the junior varsity team led by captains sophomore Helena Florjancic and Amelia Pasquesi. 

“We got a new choreographer this year who we are really excited about,” Coach Gregory excitedly says. “Our choreographer came in to teach us our routine so after that we will be strictly focusing on safely performing our routine and cleaning it up.”

Both coaches are setting a goal to perform a routine that will “wow the crowd” at their competitions and exceed the scoresheet requirements. 

“We have a ton of talent on the team so we are going to be laser focused on execution as well as endurance!” Coach Vargas proudly says.