Scouts sign NLI

Bobby Alzamora, Staff Writer

The first of three National Signing Days was on Wednesday and the Scouts, who have been able to produce a good amount of collegiate athletes, continued the trend this year.  There were 10 student-athletes who signed their National Letter of Intent to play their sports at their respective colleges on Wednesday. 

For an athlete to be able to achieve their dream of playing a collegiate sport, it shows that their hard work and dedication will pay off. Many of these student-athletes have had to overcome obstacles on their path to achieving greatness. 

“One of the biggest obstacles for me was just staying focused and disciplined throughout high school. Like being willing to put in work on days when I didn’t want to,” said senior and Dension baseball commit Sam Larson. 

In high school, academics is a large part of athletics because if you are not doing well in the classroom, you won’t be able to play in the games. These students have shown that they can balance life and look to continue to excel at the next level. 

“I try my best to time manage; it takes a little bit of time to adjust to it but once you learn how to manage your time well and break things up, it helps a lot,” said senior and University of Denver women’s lacrosse commit Caroline Keil. 

When the students signed their letters, they accomplished their goal of  committing to play a sport at the next level. This is relieving for many of them since they have worked so hard to get to this point in their careers. For many, it was a feeling of satisfaction seeing their name on the paper in front of them. 

“There’s a big relief that comes off your back when committing and signing. Knowing that all the hard work and hours that led up to that point ended up paying off is very gratifying,” said senior and Clemson men’s basketball commit Asa Thomas. 

Good luck to all of the athletes who signed their National Letter of Intent on Wednesday during the upcoming seasons in the fall and spring, and continuing on next year.