Scouts’ Hockey drops a close one to St. Viator

Scouts Hockey drops a close one to St. Viator

Tim London, Staff Writer

On Friday night, Lake Forest’s hockey team hosted St. Viator at Lake Forest College. The Scouts opened with a scoreless first period. Both teams played excellent defense and did not allow either team to dent the scoreboard. The Scouts only managed to take four shots at the St. Viator goal while the Lions managed to take nine by the end of the first period. 

Teddy Huddlestun had three impressive saves around the 11:00 minute mark in the first period, followed by another two saves soon after. A minute later, a St. Viator lost control of the puck in front of Teddy, and he quickly covered the puck with his glove. 

At the 5:00 mark,  Scout forward Robert Medica slammed #21 Sean Nutley into the glass forcing a turnover that ultimately did not result in a goal. 

“In the 1st period we were playing well, things were going our way, then similar to a lot of games this season we started to crumble during the 2nd period,” said  senior forward Aiden Hunt.

Junior Jackson Drum opened the second period scoring the first goal of the game. Three minutes later, junior Murphy Morehead scored making it 2-0 Scouts with 12:30 remaining in the second period. 

St. Viator answered by scoring two goals within 20 seconds of each other. One by #56 Angelo Massaro and the other by #9 Dylan Harer. Then at the 2:42 mark, St. Viator forward Sean Wilson scored making it 3-2 Lions. “One of our weaknesses is maintaining puck possession and making smart decisions with the puck and not turning it over,” said senior forward Jack Carrabine. 

Towards the end of the second period, Carrabine scored a deflection goal in the last 30 seconds  to tie the game 3-3. “Since we had a 2 goal lead, we felt comfortable and eased up our aggressiveness. We also had unnecessary penalties that really hurt us and St. Viator was able to capitalize on them,” said Carrabine. 

Heading into the third period tied, the Scouts knew they were in for a battle. Unfortunately, St. Viator’s #86 Jake Knieling scored the game winning goal at the 6:13 mark in the 3rd period. On top of that, Nutley scored his second goal at the 1:12 mark without any assistance. The Scouts had pulled their goalie out to capitalize on a power play, or a 6 v 4, leaving the goal open. “The mistakes we made earlier in the second period could not have been made up in the 3rd,” said Aiden.

“Going forward, we need to put in 100% effort as a team from the first period to the last buzzer, because if we stop skating even for a minute you can lose a lead just by not paying attention. But if we can play three full periods, we’ll be in good shape,” said Aiden.

The Scouts take on the Stevenson Patriots at Lake Forest College on Wednesday November 9. Puck drop is 8:00 pm.