Students need a new space

Students need a new space

Matt Durburg, Staff Writer

Believe it or not, in 2019, the lower commons was the place to be. This wasn’t because of luxurious furniture or free food; it was because of ping pong tables. It sounds funny but that was the way it used to be: eat your lunch as fast as you can and run down to be the first at the tables. The ping pong tables were not the answer; they were a symbol for something far greater. The school needs a common space for the students. 

The “commons” is not truly a space for students to enjoy the company of one another when not in class. Instead it is just a room, filled with old desks and chairs that are of no use to anyone. If you will, think of the ideal common space for teenagers to hangout. I picture comfortable seating, games, and food. The proposal here is not to build a diamond statue. The school just recently purchased more than 10 brand new ping pong tables. These get used for one unit in wellness classes. Why not let the students use these during their free time throughout the school day? Millions of dollars don’t need to be spent to make students happy. All we ever need is a sense of relaxation while in school.

Now let’s take a look at the lower commons. Currently there is an abundance of furniture down there that is waiting to be put into classrooms. Instead of using our “common space” as a storage room, maybe it is time to actually use it to benefit students. Imagine being able to leave study hall and relax with your friends before returning to classes for the rest of the day. Who wouldn’t want that?

Considering all this, there is a new referendum being put together. The last one was in 2006 when the commons were built. This funding can easily be used to give students a common space where we can actually be kids. It won’t take much, but considering that funding is on the way, it is the perfect opportunity for a change to occur.